As noted in my previous blog, my necessary time of resting and recharging will not mean a total absence of blogging. There is so much going on in the world that I will periodically be posting new blogs and new links for readers to review. In this blog, I want to pass on a number of links indicating that war tensions are definitely rising in the Mideast.

The first link discusses the incredible number of missiles that Iran is placing into Syria and into Hezbollah’s hands in Lebanon, and the possibility of a summer war. The second link reports that the USA has had a naval exercise with six Sunni Islamic nations in order to prepare all these naval units to coordinate with each other in the event of a war with Iran. The third link reveals that Iran has developed another missile threat with which to threaten the Israelis, the Sunni Arab nations and also the US troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan. That threat is a missile which can reportedly fly so low to the ground that it will “fly under” the radars of other nations. Personally, this indicates to me that Iran must be getting much technological help from both Russia and China. Iran’s growing arsenal of military weapons also is having the counter-effect of driving the Israelis, the Sunni Arab nations and the USA into making common cause against Iran. This is a trend which I have been expecting for years, as longtime readers of this blogsite will recall. My expectation has been based on the fact that not a single modern nation descended from Abraham is mentioned in the Ezekiel 38 list about the nations in the latter-day Gog-Magog alliance. The USA (and many NATO nations) are descended from the ten tribes of Israel, the Israelis are descended from the Israelite tribe of Judah, and the Sunni Arabs are descended from Ishmael. These nations are all descended from Abraham and are united by an ancient blood tie, whether they realize it or not.

The fourth link documents that the Israelis and Egyptians are increasingly making common cause as they see their national security interest intertwined. It also gives one the sense that the Israeli and Egyptian governments are adopting joint positions to present to the USA. The fact that Egypt directed its delegates to the recent nuclear non-proliferation conference to “go easy” on the non-participation by the Israelis in that conference is a sign that Egypt may be starting to see Israel’s nukes as a security guarantee for both nations against Iran. As Egypt and Sunni Arab nations start making common cause with the Israelis, this will also tend to blunt President Obama’s anti-Israeli attitudes.

The final link has two pieces of vital information about Iran’s growing military threats to the region. The first covers the deployment by Iran of a new missile defense system which throws up a wall of bullets at an incoming target. It appears to use the same principle as the Phalanx point-defense system used on US aircraft carriers. Iran is clearly deploying one new weapons system after another and it is becoming a much bigger threat as time goes by. What I find even more bellicose on the part of Iran is that on May 5th, Iran held its “biggest ever naval exercise” which covered 100,000 square miles of ocean waters. What is even more serious is where these exercises were held. They were not held in the Persian Gulf, but rather in the Sea of Aden and the Gulf of Oman. If you look on a map, you will see that these waters are part of the Indian Ocean (the Sea of Aden is called the Gulf of Aden on some maps), and that this Iranian naval exercise was conducted to the east and south of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen. In choosing this location, Iran was sending several messages. Iran was telling Saudi Arabia that it could be attacked by Iran from several directions at once, and they were also warning Egypt that Iran is planning on threatening or sinking maritime traffic heading toward Egypt’s Suez Canal via the Sea of Aden in any future war. In doing so, Iran is also driving Egypt closer to the Israelis (as one link below indicates). By pushing the Iranian naval threat further out into the Indian Ocean, Iran is also pushing the nation of India into a closer relationship with the Sunni Arab nations, the Israelis (with whom India already has close military and intelligence ties) and the USA. India is fully aware that Iran is armed and backed by China, which also significantly threatens India with its rapid military expansion. Iran is rapidly expanding its military forces and pushing to become the dominant power in the Mideast as soon as it acquires nuclear weapons. However, Iran is also driving many disparate and former rival nations into a common alliance to defend against Iran (and its Chinese and Russian allies).

All the above means that all nations are running out of time to launch a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. As Iran’s offensive and defensive weaponry grows, every month this strike is delayed means the forces attacking Iran will take higher casualties when it is launched.