This post is packed with information you need to know. Do not expect the mainstream media to tell you much about these facts (although there are a few exceptions).
Recently, the stock market averages have hit new highs and this is celebrated as a sign the recession is over. I don’t think so. I think these links reveal the incredible degree to which the stock markets (and other investment markets) are being “manipulated” and “rigged” as is cited in these links.
The first two links [1, 2] cite a story that ran as a feature story in the USA Today on March 18, 2013. It revealed an extraordinary statistic about the stock market. It reports that the number of tradable, publicly-owned stocks has plummeted. Indeed, they report the number of publicly-traded stocks has dropped from 6639 in 2000 to only 3687 in 2012. That means 2952 of the number of stock selections that were available to investors in 2000 has dropped by 2952 stocks or 44.5% of all stocks in the USA in that time. The links reveal “the stock market is going private. It keeps self-consuming.” Consider what this means for market comparisons over the years. The recent stock market highs were reached only because 2952 of the buyable pool of stocks vanished! If those 2952 stocks still existed, much of the money that poured into the remaining and shrinking pool of stock choices would have been distributed among the other 2952 stock choices and the recent “highs” would never have been reached. The reports of new highs in the stock indices are comparing apples and oranges. In order to be a valid comparison, the number of tradable stocks would have had to remain a constant.
The third through fifth links [3, 4, 5] report another shocking statistic. The average stock is held for only 22 seconds! This means there is an unbelievable level of “churning” going on in the stock market data. In former years, investors bought and held a stock for months or years in order to obtain an expected gain on their initial investment. I’ve bought and sold stocks for over two decades. I remember those years. Today, if the average stock is held only 22 seconds, it means that each stock reported as traded in any given day has been exchanged back and forth between big players on the stock market perhaps over 1000 times every day! The fourth link reveals that 70% of all stocks are held for only 11 seconds, indicating that these stocks are being bought and sold perhaps over 2000 times every day! Think of how all this churning distorts the average stock volumes each day. To have this kind of rapid turn-over of all stocks each day, I can only understand this as meaning the big Wall Street institutions and market-makers are buying and selling the same stocks back and forth to each other every day to inflate the number of stocks traded each day and create a perception of a level of interest in the stock market that doesn’t really exist. Think of how the stock market volumes would plummet if only those stocks held for one entire day were included in the stock market trading activity tallies. Think of the ways that insider games can be played with this kind of market data manipulation and insider dealing. Think I’m jumping to conclusions? Keep reading, We are only beginning to have some fun and insight here.
Let’s now hear from a key insider in the USA’s financial establishment. Were you aware that the President of the Dallas Federal Reserve Board District, Richard Fisher, not long ago declared that “the financial system is ‘rigged’ to benefit big banks.” See the sixth link and seventh link for more information on his observation. That so high a Fed official made this statement implies that even the Fed is starting to fear the chokehold that a few big banks have on the US financial and investment markets. Fed District President Fisher added that “The largest U.S. banks are “practitioners of crony capitalism,” need to be broken up to ensure they are no longer considered too big to fail, and continue to threaten financial stability…” (emphasis added). I suggest reading that again to take in the gravity of his statement. This establishment insider is saying the largest US banks are now so big they are a threat to the stability of the US financial system itself. I wonder why? That leads us to the next section.
A few years ago, I mentioned this shocking fact in several posts (8/8/2009). The eighth link and ninth link contain perhaps the most shocking revelation of all. They reveal that Goldman Sachs revealed years ago that it had what these links called a “market-rigging computer program.” A Goldman-Sachs employee released some of this “market-rigging computer program” to others and was promptly arrested by the FBI and sentenced very quickly to eight years in prison. Interesting. Is this an example of what Regional Fed President Richard Fisher called “crony capitalism?” Goldman Sachs was able to get the civil government to prevent the further dissemination of what I see as an insider-trading program that should get anyone who used this program to manipulate the investment markets jailed. Perhaps the man who revealed the existence of this “unfair” trading program possessed in-house at Goldman Sachs should have been seen as a whistle-blower and those who developed or used this “market rigging computer program” should have been the ones arrested by the FBI. The links also report that this program could be used for a “gold price suppression scheme.” Hmmm. Think about what has happened recently in the current gold and silver markets in light of that statement. I thought illegal insider trading and market rigging should be prosecuted (instead of protected) by the federal government.
I’ve recently seen the phrase “too big to be prosecuted” being used in financial market websites re: the huge Wall Street banks. I think Fed District President Richard Fisher was right in his above-cited observations.
The final link reveals that new, ultra-fast supercomputers can soon be used to implement “improved monitoring and regulation” of US financial markets (presumably, all stock, futures, precious metals and commodities markets). Perhaps that word “regulation” really means “manipulation” of all US financial markets. I’ll bet some computer wizards will be able to integrate the Goldman-Sachs “market-rigging computer program” into these new supercomputers to create real-time, constant manipulation of all financial markets while leaving the impression that these markets are actually free markets. It is my opinion that there is already no independently-functioning, free financial or investment market in the USA, if not in the world, any longer.
For years, I have warned that Revelation 17-18 foretell of a massive, future collapse of the current global financial/monetary markets and of the global insider elites that manipulate and profit from these markets. Revelation 18:1-3 identify that in the latter days a very corrupt global financial system will exist in which the “merchants of the earth” (the big international corporations and market insiders) and the “kings of the earth” (the politicians and governments) will cooperate to rob the nations and the world’s masses of their wealth. Think of how the cooperation betwen Goldman Sachs and the US Government’s FBI’s action to arrest the one who exposed Goldman Sachs’ “market rigging computer program” is just one small example of this prophesied cooperation. The revolving doors via which highly-placed insiders move back and forth between corporate boardrooms and governmental positions also fulfills this prophesy perfectly!
Revelation 17-18 prophesy this corrupt system called “Babylon the Great” will experience a sudden and total collapse when their global system is overthrown by “seven heads and ten horns” (likely nations) who have become so sick of the current system that they wage war upon it. They will win totally and Revelation 17:16 indicates that the current insider elites who have set up and controlled the current “Babylon the Great” system will experience a very hard fall. When this occurs, the final global system of this age called “the beast” system will be slam-dunked on the nations–restoring order out of the chaos caused by the collapse of the current global system. This final beast system will have only 42 months to exist (Revelation 13:1-5) before it too is utterly destroyed by the return of Jesus Christ and his army of millions of light-beings the Bible calls angels. That time will witness an age-ending war in which the forces of light and darkness will wage all-out war in both the spirit and physical realms. You can read about that and the victory of the forces led by Jesus Christ in Revelation 19:11-20:4. Indeed, no physical life would survive this war at all if Jesus Christ and his heavenly army didn’t intervene in the physical world and take control of it (Matthew 24:21-22).
Given the deep fractures and instability in the current global financial system and the bizarre actions being taken by the world’s governing bodies (such as the seizure of insured deposits in Cyprus to bail out big money-lenders), the collapse of the world’s current “Babylon the Great” system may be hastening toward us. For in-depth information on the biblical ramifications of what is happening in global financial and monetary markets, please read my articles entitled Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a New Beast System? and What Kind of Captivity? – The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System.
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