A torrent of revelations about insider Wall Street corruption has been released in recent media articles. There are almost too many of them to even comment on, however, these links give a good sample of the revelations.
Revelation 17-18 prophesy that the corrupt global system called Babylon the Great will collapse in the latter days just before the rise of the final “beast” system on earth which will last 42 months (Revelation 13:1-5) before Jesus Christ’s return obliterates the beast system forever (Revelation 19:11-21).  Revelation 18:2-4 especially depicts this global financial/monetary system of Babylon the Great as being a very corrupt system which benefits only the insider “merchants of the earth” (i.e. multinational corporations) and the “kings of the earth” (the politicians and their regulators). I leave it to your judgment if the following links do not depict our current global system of modern finance as being especially corrupt—just as the Bible prophesied. Keep in mind the links only reveal what has been publicly revealed! The really rotten stuff may still be hiding behind closed boardroom doors and with their complicit government “regulators.”
Briefly, the first link reveals that a poll of Wall Street’s own insiders reveals a staggering willingness by insiders to be corrupt if they can advance their own personal gain. It states: “…illegal activity is perceived as common…” on Wall Street. The second link reports a US senator wants to stop big mega-banks from their current activities in the commodities markets. The article cites an exposé of Goldman Sachs by Rolling Stone magazine a few years ago which likened Goldman to  a “great vampire squid.” The third link and fourth link detail serious charges vs. JP Morgan regarding its role in manipulating price markets for electricity in the Midwest and West Coast. JP Morgan has agreed to pay $415 million to settle the lawsuits. The fifth link has a particularly scathing observation about JP Morgan Chase as it cites a president of a financial watchdog group as saying “They’ve [JP Morgan Chase] got a record that would make Al Capone look like a neighborhood criminal.” That’s really scathing!
The sixth link relates that Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are both involved with manipulating prices in the commodities markets and a specific example is cited in a the rigging of the aluminum market (presumably the futures market).  However the commodities markets include anything from the precious metals to grain and livestock futures so this report could grow into manipulations that go far beyond the aluminum market. The seventh link describes the fall of a Goldman Sachs trader in which Goldman had to pay a $550 million fine. This link includes a comment that the prosecutors are going after the small fry while the senior executives get off without prosecution due to an “implicit bargain between banks and regulators.”
The eighth link is about the fall of a huge Wall Street Hedge Fund for illegal trading on insider information–some of which was gathered from “employees of …Intel, Dell and Yahoo.”  The ninth link and tenth link address the continuing saga of the missing $1.2 billion or so of investors money that somehow disappeared while in the custody of MF Global Fund, run by former Goldman Sachs leader and New Jersey politician John Corzine. If you had that much money, do you think it could simply disappear and you’d have no idea what you did with it?
If you are with me this far, you are about to receive the biggest informational shock of all. The first ten links about extensive Wall Street corruption (sometimes aided by cooperative government “regulators”) are from the mainstream media. The last link is from a financial writer who is not part of the mainstream media. His allegations of corruption in not only Wall Street but also in the entire US government and economy are truly staggering. His allegations (presented with “attitude”) have more plausibility after reading how widespread the corruption is in the US financial markets based on reports in the first ten links from the establishment media.
After reading these eleven links, I think Revelation 17-18’s prophecy about the endemic corruption in the global financial markets in the latter days will sound very much like what is being revealed in the modern media.
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