The 6-28-2013 issue of USA Today contained an article which offers vital new information on the status of nanotechnology weapons development and concepts. This is a topic I posted on years ago concerning Chinese nanotechnology weapons research possibilities, so this article again brings this topic up with further (and most ominous) implications.
The USA Today article (see first link) discusses the apparently limitless electronic snooping conducted for years by the NSA and other intelligence-gathering agencies of the US government as has been revealed in the revelations from former NSA consultant Edward Snowden. I’ll write on his revelations later, but this post addresses the specific nanotechnology weaponizing possibilities mentioned in the above-cited article. It reveals that 41 nations have agreed on sharing DNA/ human genome records. This can have beneficial applications, but do you trust “Big Brother” with your personal DNA/genome information in addition to all the other personal information which we now know the US government has been mining about all its own citizens and vast numbers of citizens in other nations?
The article also states that DNA detection devices could become so sensitive that you or anyone else could be tracked everywhere you go simply by detecting the trail of the sloughed-off skin cells and loose hairs that are continuously falling off your body! This reminds us of the all-pervasive spying and tracking of all global citizens that will have to be possible for the prophesied “beast” system of the latter days to monitor and control all economic and monetary transactions by everyone…everywhere (Revelation 13:11-18). If this beast system will have all-pervasive tracking of everyone’s financial activities, will its control-freak leaders also not want the power to track everyone…everywhere…all the time? That centralized kind of database is almost here already for everyone who owns a cell-phone as your cell-phone has GPS-tracker that can tell the government where you are all the time and your cell phone conversations and messages and the locations from where they are sent are all recorded and available to the government all the time (as anyone who watches NCIS, my favorite TV show, already knows). This new technology could be used to follow a terrorist or spy cell as their sloughed-off skin cells and hairs could be followed to wherever they are located. The article does not say this technology is here yet, so we don’t know for sure if it already exists or if it is yet in the developmental stages.
Additionally, the article warns that this new DNA/genome harvesting and tracking system could result “in the future potential of a biological weapon designed to target a particular group or even an individual based on unique genetic variants” (emphasis added). This is a danger that I warned about years ago in a series of posts. The second link and third link are two of my archived posts on the subject of Chinese nanotechnology weapons. I warned that the Chinese could be combining their extensive nanotechnology and human genome research projects to develop a “nanobomb” which would be invisible when it was “detonated” by its release into the atmosphere or water and food supplies of a targeted nation, group or group of nations. As my posts suggested, the Chinese could, in theory, develop invisibly-small genetic nanobots which, when released, would target (“kill”) every human being on earth that did not have recognizable Chinese genetic traits. Any other nation could also develop this same kind of technology. To defend against this kind of Chinese super weapon, the USA, Japan or India could all cooperate to develop genetic “nanobombs” which, when released in chem trails or water and food supplies, would target (“kill”) anyone who had recognizable Chinese DNA in them. Will our “brave new world” of science gone mad result in a situation where the superpowers both have such weapons and refrain to use them in a Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) situation as existed for decades in the Cold War between the USA and the Soviet Union re: nuclear weaponry?
If you think the best military minds and think-tanks will not use this new technology to devise the most sophisticated new classes of nanobot and genome weaponry, you are naive. This kind of weaponry could fulfill, as my posts cited note, the Matthew 24:22 prophecy by Jesus Christ himself that “all flesh” on earth would perish unless he “shortened” the “days” of biblical prophetic timetables by returning earlier than expected. The parable/prophecy of  Matthew 25:1-13 repeats and affirms Jesus Christ’s prophecy in Matthew 24:22 that he will have to return considerably earlier than expected or planned to save mankind from extinction.
Apparently, many others must still be reading my years-old posts re: Chinese nanotechnology weapons as the fourth link confirms. In a Google search for “Chinese nanotechnology weapons,” my years-old posts come in as the second and third most recommended items among the 1,350,000 possible options on the Internet regarding this topic. Based on how many of the visits to my website have a .gov or .mil domain name, I’m sure many governmental and military individuals have read my posts. Also, about 10-12% of all hits recorded at my website each month are from computers that are apparently operated by people with such sophisticated skills that the service that tallies all the statistics about my website cannot determine their nation or domain name of origin. Perhaps its just a continuing software glitch at the statistical service but that seems unlikely to me. For your information, in any given month, people from 100-125 nations access my website.
Finally, did you notice the USA Today article mentioned that the new DNA/genome tracking technology could be used to track or target [“kill”]…an individual? That is really getting specific! How would you like to be that individual being tracked or targeted some day in the future?
If this technology bothers you, I suggest you contact your elected representatives to stop or control it before it is too late to do so. Also, not everyone gets the USA Today. Please forward this post to anyone else who you think should know about this startling new mass-targeting and mass-surveillance technology to which all people could eventually be subjected.