My previous post on the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 was one of the most-read posts in the history of my 7 year-old website. In this follow-up post, I will have what I think are more weighty considerations for readers to consider. I doubt you will see any of these considerations reported in the mainstream media (or perhaps in any media).At the outset, I want to stress that my blog is devoted to the pursuit of truth wherever that leads. I am on nobody’s payroll, and I write with a totally independent viewpoint. The pursuit of truth sometimes leads me to possibilities that even I do not want to consider. However, the truth must be served. Again, I have no special revelations and no insider information. I am simply analyzing the facts given in the mass media about this mysterious plane disappearance¬† and offering my analysis of the options to readers for their consideration. Be prepared for some surprising observations that should be discussed by the mass media if they were really serious about finding this aircraft. I must acknowledge that in watching the reports on this plane’s disappearance, I have never heard such a dizzying amount of conflicting information, disinformation, valid information, misinformation, etc.

Let’s review the latest facts as we know them. It is now increasingly evident that this flight was not crashed by terrorists, but was deliberately misdirected by very high-tech hijackers. The first link reports that “…authorities said someone on board the jet made a series of highly technical actions to deliberately hide the plane from modern detection systems (emphasis added).” This plane was not hijacked by Jihadis wielding boxcutters. It was hijacked by highly-trained operatives who knew very intimately the technical systems built into the Boeing 777 and how to disable them. This hijacking was very well thought out by experts, and this strongly infers the involvement of at least one advanced nation-state. The first link also reiterates that “Malaysian air force defense radar picked up traces of the plane turning back westward, crossing into the northern stretches of the Strait of Malacca.” It is this fact that confirms the airliner was heading in a southwestern direction into the Indian Ocean when it was last located on radar. Dozens of times on the cable-news programs I saw the spot located in the Gulf of Thailand where the transponder went off and the location over the Strait of Malacca where Malaysian military radar located it flying southwestward toward the Indian Ocean. Remember the old investigative credo: “connect the dots?” When I connected those two dots (shown repeatedly on TV maps) on a globe and continued a line southwestward into the Indian Ocean, the line led straight toward the British-owned island of Diego Garcia on which is a massive and secretive US military airbase. Why has no other reporter “connected the dots” and reported this very-obvious possibility? Diego Garcia is at the edge of the circular search area, but the missing airliner could have reached it. Today, I looked at a full-page newspaper insert about this story with a map of the Indian ocean region where the missing airliner’s range could have reached. Interestingly, the island of Diego Garcia was left off of the map as if it wasn’t in the Indian Ocean where the airliner was headed. Hmm.

The second link cites the Malaysian Prime Minister as stating the airliner “continued flying for six hours” and that would place Diego Garcia easily within the missing airliner’s range as most previous sources said it could have flown for 4-5 hours. It also discusses the fact that the airliner’s on-board systems continued to send a “ping” to satellites confirming that the airplane was still flying and that it had not crashed. For a brief time, a “northern search area” was floated, but that was discredited rather quickly. The NBC News program tonight aired an expert who discredited that possibility. It makes sense. How could the missing airliner fly unnoticed through an area with a vast array of civilian and military radars and almost two billion people to watch for it anywhere it landed? The Indian Ocean route seems the only logical option.

I have some questions not being asked anywhere. We have been told that spy satellites can read a car’s license plate from an outer space orbit. If they can locate an object that small with clarity, why haven’t they located a large debris field with their cameras? Surely if there was a debris field, they could have easily located it by now with spy satellites from many nations looking for such a debris field. Secondly, one means of locating airplanes for many decades has been the use of infra-red, heat-seeking detection systems. Civilian airplane engines generate a very “hot” heat signature so they are easily located via this means. Many air-to-air missiles use this technology. Do you mean to tell me that there isn’t a single infra-red, heat-detection satellite flying overhead? I’d bet there are many military spy satellites that have on-board, heat-detection reconnaissance systems. Any of these satellites could have detected a large airliner via its heat emissions. Since so few airliners fly “deep into the Indian Ocean” (as my first post on this subject noted various establishment media outlets reported), the missing airliner should have been easy to find in the interior of the Indian Ocean by any satellite with infra-red detection systems as the middle of the Indian Ocean is not a highly-traversed region. There is a third satellite-detection system that I think could have been employed to locate the missing airliner and track it in real-time throughout its flight. It is the same detection system used for many decades to track underwater submarines throughout the world’s oceans. It is the MAD (magnetic anomaly detection) system which detects very minute difference between the magnetic field of the earth and metallic objects on the earth or under the ocean. Wikipedia (see third link) reports this system was so highly-developed by the time of the Vietnam War that American warplanes could detect “ignition coils in vehicles under heavy jungle canopies” in order to locate and bomb Viet Cong positions. If it was that highly-developed 40 years ago, just think of how sophisticated it is today! If satellites use MAD systems to locate submarines deep under the ocean surface, do you really think they can’t locate a huge metallic airliner flying miles above the earth? Such satellites could easily have tracked the missing airliner throughout its flight. Why are no “experts’ discussing these possibilities on the various news programs?

What nation would try to utilize highly-sophisticated knowledge of the Boeing 777 to steal this particular airliner? There are only a few such nations in the world that could do this. While I write about China a lot in my Gog-Magog blog category, I personally think China is innocent of hijacking this plane as it had no motive whatsoever to hijack it. The plane was flying to Beijing so whatever persons, cargo or information aboard it that made it worth stealing and diverting to an unknown location were headed to China already. Russia is China’s strategic ally so it had no motivation to steal it. As much as I am loathe to have to say it, the USA or some other nations in the western world working with the USA were the only nations with any possible motive to steal it and divert it so it could not reach China. The stolen airliner was an American-made airplane so its systems would be known most to Boeing engineers and pilots. However, many technical specifications for the Boeing 777 have to be shared with the national flag carriers that buy the 777 so many non-Americans would also have extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of the 777. This allows for the possibility that the Malaysian flight crew on the missing airliner were coerced or bribed into flying it to an unknown destination. Toward the end of the fourth link is a mention that a flight crew member of the missing airliner had previously allowed a female to ride with him in the pilot’s flight deck on a previous Malaysian airline flight. I’m sure this violates a lot of rules. Was she a “honey trap” in the service of a national intelligence service who enticed the Malaysian pilot with blackmail threats later to coerce him into cooperating with the high-tech people who arranged its theft and redirection? We don’t know, but that could explain how a Malaysian flight crew member cooperated in this hijacking.

We do know the plane was heading southwestward into the Indian Ocean the last time it was spotted on Malaysian military radar. It was at that time flying in the direction of Diego Garcia Island. I know of no later radar spotting of the airliner afterwards. Could the plane land at Diego Garcia. Easily! Could it reach Diego Gracia? Yes, according to all reports I’ve seen on the possible range of the missing airliner. Could the airliner be hid at Diego Garcia? Yes. It could easily be hidden in a large military hangar there which accommodates B-1 military bombers and perhaps could also handle the very wide B-2 American bomber. Could Diego Garcia house and feed the passengers on a large airliner who were trapped there? Easily. Could the airline mechanics at Diego Garcia have cut the airplane into little pieces by now? I think the answer is an obvious “yes.” Is there any other location “deep in the Indian Ocean” where the airliner could have landed? I can’t see any on my map. Perhaps a debris field will be found that marks where the airliner went down, but it has now been so long since it went missing that the airliner’s components could have been chopped up and a fake debris field could be created by dumping the chopped-up debris in a location far from where it actually landed. The hijackers did not have to fly the airliner deep into the Indian Ocean for 4-6 hours to crash it if that was their intention, they could have done that right away in the Gulf of Thailand. The fact that they went to great lengths to hide their actions with high-tech knowledge and the additional technical evidence that the plane was airborne for 4-6 hours indicate the hijackers wanted to live as much as you or I do. I can’t see any airport other than Diego Garcia “deep in the Indian Ocean” where they could have landed. Please get out your own map or globe. Do you see any other option?

The fact that the above very pertinent questions and observations are not yet being discussed by any “expert” or any media source to date as far as I know speaks volumes in my view. Perhaps they have been ordered not to ask or air these very-obvious questions that should be asked. At any rate, I am glad I live in the USA with a Constitutional First-Amendment right to comment on the facts being released about this missing airliner.

If the aircraft was hijacked by the CIA or some other agency to the remote Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia, the obvious question is “why?” If it had a traitor or traitors on it bringing critically secret national security information on it, why not land it openly at a public airport (in Australia perhaps) and arrest any Edward Snowden-type spy and release all the innocent passengers? A lot of nations might not like it, but it would be within the rights of the USA to take an extraordinary action to protect very critical national security secrets. The longer the plane is missing the more nefarious its hijacking and redirection appear to be.

I’d very much like to see hard evidence that it was not the USA which hijacked (or cooperated in hijacking) this airliner to Diego Garcia (perhaps with the willing or coerced cooperation of the Malaysian cabin crew), but this still remains a very plausible possibility. The longer the media refuses to discuss this obvious possibility, the more plausible it looks to me as an option. The high-tech operatives who did this hijacking apparently did not realize that the airliner’s engines would send non-informational “pings” to satellites confirming that it was still flying for hours, and they must have assumed the Malaysian military radars wouldn’t be good enough to spot them. Even the smartest of people make mistakes. We may never know the true reason the airliner was hijacked and redirected, but there must have been some very, very critically-important reason why someone very powerful didn’t want this airliner to reach China.