The Virginia legislature is considering a bill which would ban implantable tracking devices in human beings (see link below). The proposed legislation was introduced by Christian legislators who fear that implantable tracking devices might fulfill the prophecy in the book of Revelation about the “mark of the beast.” Revelation 13:11-18 includes warnings that in the latter days, a beast power will impose a “mark” of some kind on people which will be crucial to “buying and selling” in everyday commerce. Given today’s technological developments, very small RFID devices could potentially be implanted in all humans and these devices would not only track each person, but could store an immense amount of financial, personal and banking information about people. Potentially, such technology could enable governments and corporations to monitor and control all “buying and selling” transactions as people conduct business simply by waving a hand over an RFID reader in a “cashless society.”

The bill has its supporters and its detractors, of course. However, I find it noteworthy (and encouraging) that there are Christian members of the Virginia legislature who are sufficiently aware of biblical prophecies to foresee such a danger and propose legislation against it. It is remarkable that in our secular humanist world, the Virginia legislature is debating a bill prompted by concerns about warnings contained in the book of Revelation about the latter days. The fact that this bill is being proposed and considered affirms that the bill’s supporters have (correctly) concluded that we are now living in the prophesied “latter day” period that will precede the return of Jesus Christ. I find it encouraging that such terms as “the book of Revelation,” “the latter days,” “the beast” and “the anti-Christ” are being openly discussed in a state legislative body.

Even more encouraging is the fact that the Virginia legislature is not alone in considering such a law. The link relates that the state of Wisconsin has already passed such a bill into law and that the Georgia Senate has also passed such a bill. Let’s hope this trend accelerates and that more states pass such bills into law. Readers who wish to do so should consider contacting their own state legislators and urging them to pass such a bill into law in your states of residence. You can send them the link below so they know that other states are considering similar legislation and one state has already enacted such a measure into law.

The Apostle Paul asserted his rights as a Roman citizen during his ministry (see accounts in the book of Acts). Based on Paul’s example in asserting his citizenship rights, there is no reason why Christians should not vote and assert their citizenship rights as American citizens. Those who wish to see biblical guidance about a Christian’s rights and obligations as citizens of their respective nations can do so by reading my article, Christian Rights and Citizenship Responsibilities, available at the articles link at this website. It is possible that if Christians don’t start vigorously asserting their citizenship rights, they may lose them altogether in the future. Whatever the “mark of the beast” proves to be in the future, I applaud the efforts of the Virginia, Wisconsin and Georgia legislatures to consider biblical prophecies and doctrines as they make laws in their states.

My thanks to the reader who drew my attention to this story. It is worth passing on to all readers of this blog.