The US Navy has successfully developed a new rail-gun which could radically alter the balance of naval (and other forms of) combat. The video-clip of the new gun in the link is worth watching as it is most impressive. The new rail-gun uses an EMP charge to propel a kinetic interceptor (a large bullet or metallic piece of some kind) to a speed of Mach 7. The range is an astounding 100 miles. Since it uses a concentrated electrical discharge to propel the “bullet,” no gunpowder is needed.

The naval officer explaining the mechanics of the new rail-gun notes that a ship could store hundreds of “bullets” for the new rail-gun in a small storage space, and that the cost of the rail-gun’s ammunition is tiny compared to the cost of an expensive missile which can do the same job.

The new rail-gun, when deployed on US naval ships, will greatly enhance the survivability of US aircraft carriers and major surface combatants, which are being targeted by China’s and Russia’s deployment of supersonic cruise missiles as well as China’s deployment of ballistic missiles designed specifically to attack and sink aircraft carriers. If the new rail-gun system can shoot down cruise missiles and ballistic missiles far from a carrier task group, it will make the US Navy ships much safer as well as defending them in a manner which is far cheaper. The key question is: When will this new rail-gun system be deployed on Navy ships? The report states the rail-gun system will start sea-trials in 2016 and be deployed in later years. However, in the event of a major global military crisis, this rail-gun system could surely be deployed much quicker. Aircraft carriers and any other naval ship with a nuclear reactor for propulsion would be the logical platforms on which to place rail-guns as the nuclear power plants on-board such ships would provide a virtually unlimited source of power to keep firing the rail-gun at enemy missiles, warplanes, etc.

New rail-gun weaponry surely has applications far broader than merely being placed on US Navy ships. A large rail-gun could shoot down incoming nuclear-tipped ICBM warheads far from their intended targets, greatly lessening the damage they can inflict. Placing them on the US coastlines would be an effective way of shooting down cruise missiles fired at America from off-shore enemy submarines or cruise missiles fired by terrorists from a seemingly innocuous merchant ship. It seems to me that, given the huge threat posed by the use of an EMP weapon against the USA (or any other nation), deploying rail-guns to defend US coasts from a missile equipped with an EMP warhead should be an especially huge national security priority. Small rail-guns developed for the US Army could be used as an incredibly effective anti-tank and anti-armor weapon.

As soon as these futuristic rail-guns are deployed by the USA in its military units, it will be a “game-changer.” Many other nations have a major need for such weaponry. For example, think how such weaponry would help Taiwan defend its territory from incoming salvos of Chinese cruise missiles? Think how helpful these weapons would be to Israel in the event of a large-scale missile attack by Hezbollah against Israeli targets. No doubt, other nations are also working on rail-gun technology. How close are they to deploying such weaponry? We don’t know.

I hope readers of this blog are as interested as I am in the deployment of new weapons systems by the modern global alliances identified in Ezekiel 38-39 as the eastern Gog-Magog alliance (led by Russia, China and Iran) and the western alliance led by the modern nations of the “house of Israel” (the USA, UK, France, NATO nations, etc.).

While we periodically receive snippets of information about new weapons being deployed by major world powers, what new weapons systems are being developed and deployed about which nothing is being released? I think Revelation 13:1-4 tells us various exotic, high-tech weapons systems are being developed which have not yet been revealed. When the beast system takes power for a short time, verse 4 tells us the world’s nations will say: “Who is able to make war with him?” Obviously, this indicates that super-secret weapons will be unveiled by the beast system to keep the nations in line. However, the Bible itself gives the answer to the nations’ rhetorical question in Revelation 13:4. God will send Two Witnesses to oppose the beast and his system for 1260 days, and they will be given Divine powers to wield against the beast and whomever else they wish to plague (Revelation 11:3-7). During their ministry, anyone seeking to harm¬† them will be killed by either God or the Two Witnesses using their Divinely-delegated powers. The Two Witnesses will eventually themselves be killed by the beast power after their 1260 day ministry, but will be resurrected from the dead after 3 and 1/2 days (Revelation 11:7-14). For much more about the Two Witnesses, please read my article entitled, The Two Witnesses. Ultimately, all weapons systems developed by the beast power will be utterly useless against Jesus Christ and his heavenly army when it invades the earth and destroys the beast’s armies, weapons, etc. (Revelation 19:11-21) after the beast’s short, 42-month reign (Revelation 13:5). So, when the beast system is eventually unveiled and reveals its new weaponry (likely to include “UFOs” which are actually new kinds of aerial platforms with invisibility technology), don’t be over-awed. Against God’s power, all the beast’s weapons will be as useless as a BB gun against an atomic bomb.

My thanks to a reader who sent me this link.