Dear Mr. Collins,
   I read the information about producing a video on the tribes of Israel. I don’t know what you mean by “first” but you may want to check out a video already done by E.Raymond Capt called: The Making of A Nation which shows Scriptures, maps, archeology, Assyrian tablets, ancient Sythian craft, and historical facts on the names and migrations of the people of Israel from the time of Abraham all the way to their migration into Europe and England. Also, you may want to check out Scriptures For America video by Pastor Pete Peters: Roots-From Abraham to America. You may get a few ideas on how to direct your video to avoid any Copyright infringements. You can get ALL of E.Raymond Capt works/videos at and Scriptures For America works at Just passing this on to save you some trouble later should you not be aware of these works.
                                     Edward Anderson/
Dear Mr. Anderson,
There have been some videos produced which address the subject of the history and migrations of the ten tribes of Israel. What was meant by “first” is that I would like to work on the production of a video effort which would be suitable for airing on a national cable-TV channel. To my knowledge, no such video program has yet been produced or aired. Also, I would like to have a video effort which represented Christian-Jewish collaboration on the subject (I am unaware of any previous such video effort). I would like to include in any future video re: the tribes of Israel the contributions of Israeli author, Yair Davidy, so that the resultant video would have input from both the modern house of Israel and the house of Judah. Unfortunately, there are some who see the truth about the modern whereabouts of the ten tribes but they curiously deny that modern Jews/Israelis are the house of Judah. Such video efforts ignore clear biblical and secular evidence that modern Jews/Israelis are the tribe of Judah. If I am ever able to be part of a video project on the ten tribes, it will accurately depict the modern locations of the “two houses” of Jacob’s descendants: the house of Israel and the house of Judah. However, such an effort currently lacks funding. If it is God’s will that such a video be produced, he will have to provide the funding for it at a time of his choosing as I will not embark on such an effort with borrowed money. If I am able to work on a video about the ten tribes in the future, it will be based on the evidence presented in my books on the subject.
If any reader has questions about whether Jews/Israelis are the modern tribe of Judah, I refer you to the free article available at this website: “Four reasons the Jews are Judah.” After reading the clear biblical evidence on the subject, you will no longer have any doubts about the matter.
Steve Collins