A reader sent me this story and I decided to pass it on to all readers as this historical horror has been known to very few…until now. We all shake our heads at the atrocities and holocaust of perhaps a million people killed by Pol Pot amongst his own Cambodian population, the slaughter of 800,000 Rwandans in the Hutu holocaust vs. the Tutsis in an African tribal war (see the movie, Hotel Rwanda), and the slaughter of approximately 6 million Jews by Hitler and his Nazi madmen during World War II. The Nazis also killed large numbers of gypsies, Poles, the “mentally deficient”, political dissidents, etc. However, the first link tells of a recent forgotten Holocaust that was roughly twice the size of Hitler’s Holocaust.
The link states that approximately 12,000,000 Christians were slaughtered by the Soviet rulers during the reigns of Lenin, Stalin, etc. This horrific Holocaust largely has been unrealized by recent generations. Compared to the madness of these Soviet regimes, the current rule of Vladimir Putin (and his willingness to work with the Russian Orthodox Church) looks downright enlightened in comparison. The link also reports that millions of Moslems and Buddhists were also killed by the Soviets. It is hard for the mind to even comprehend such large numbers. I remember how moving it was for me to visit the Yad Vashem in Jerusalem in August 2000 and try to take in the immensity of Hitler’s Holocaust. One needs to double that total to reach the number of just the Christians killed by the Soviets. This number is roughly equivalent to the total populations of the American states of South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Nebraska, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Delaware.
Currently, the Russian Federation is suffering from a low birth rate and a declining population. If the Soviet Holocaust against its own people had not occurred, Russia would have had not only another 12 million people, but the combined increases of two or three more generations that they would have given birth to—perhaps almost 100 more million people by now. Russia is paying a terrible price for being ruled by atheist Soviet madmen.
One can only wonder how many millions were killed by Mao Tse-Dong and the Chinese Communist party successors over the last six decades in their Holocaust against their own people. That total may be worse than what happened to the Russians at the hands of their own Communist leaders.
When Jesus Christ prophesied in Matthew 24:9-10 of martyrdoms of Christians to occur in the latter days, we tend to forget that vast martyrdoms of Christians have already occurred. How many Christians have been killed in Nigeria, the Sudan, Pakistan and other Muslim nations in the last few decades?  In the comfortable USA and western world, we do not fully comprehend that the martyrdoms of vast numbers of Christians have already occurred in many places around the world. We assume that “it can’t happen here.” I hope and pray it doesn’t, but I would like to remind readers that a Holocaust of apocalyptic proportions has already happened (and is happening) here in the USA. 
It has been estimated that since Roe v. Wade made the killing of unborn babies legal in the USA, approximately 50,000,000 abortions have been performed in the USA through 2008 (see second link). This is over eight times the number of Jews killed by Hitler. It is over four times the number of Christians killed by the Soviet rulers of the USSR. In God’s eyes, the Supreme Court “justices” who imposed abortion on the USA (even though no US Congress ever voted for such a law and no president ever signed any such legislation into law and the US Constitution clearly does not convey any right to any abortion for anyone in it) may find in the future Judgment before God that they have far more blood on their hands than Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Mao Tse-Dong combined… 
So Americans can’t say a Holocaust “can’t happen here.” It already has.