Most Americans have no idea that the USA is involved in a third war in Eurasia. They know about the Iraqi war (which is winding down) and the Afghan war (which is winding up), but they do not realize the importance of the war now being fought on (and near) the Saudi-Yemeni border. Previous blogs at this website have cited reports that Saudi Arabia and the Yemeni government are involved in a major war against an Iranian proxy force called the “Believing Youth.” The Saudis have imposed a naval blockade on Yemeni shores to try and stop Iran from delivering weapons to the Believing Youth, and have been fighting them with tanks and air strikes. That was not enough to stop the Iranian-backed forces which actually seized control of Saudi border facilities. The Saudis then brought in Jordanian special forces troops who were also not enough to stop the Iranian-backed forces.

American media have reported that the USA made a strike against Yemeni insurgents, but the American media mention only “Al Queda” as the target of all the rebellions in Yemen. There seems to be a black out of the fact that the Saudis and Yemeni government are battling an Iranian-backed military force. Al Queda is, no doubt, in Yemen, but the real danger is the Believing Youth who are backed by a nation state—Iran. It is likely more palatable to the American public if “Al Queda” gets blamed for everything as it is then understood as part of the “war against terrorism” instead of a “war vs. Iran.”

The first link below, from Fox News, reports that “US military intelligence agencies are [now] deeply involved in secret joint operations with Yemeni troops.” However, the report only mentions Al Queda as the targeted enemy and fails to mention Iran’s proxy force. Oddly, right after a paragraph in which it states that U.S. advisors “do not take part in raids in Yemen,” there is a report on the effects of a U.S. raid against enemy forces in Yemen. Debka reports in the second link below that U.S. CIA Director Leon Panetta was in Egypt and Israel for top-level “secret” talks with the leaders of those nations re: the Yemeni war. Debka also reports that “the American military involvement in Yemen is already substantially broader than admitted,” and it adds that “an Egyptian expeditionary force” may soon join the war in Yemen against “Al Queda.” Wait a minute! Let’s get this straight. The Saudis, Yemenis, Jordanians and Americans are fighting “Al Queda” in pitched battles in Yemen and those combined nations can’t defeat “Al Queda” so Egypt’s army may have to join the war as well? How many divisions of troops is “Al Queda” fielding in Yemen? Obviously, if the combined militaries of several nations can’t defeat the insurgents, they are fighting a much more highly-organized, well-motivated and well-armed force than some ragtag Al Queda types. They are fighting Iran’s proxy army called the “Believing Youth,” but the West seems scared to death to admit that openly. Why? Here is my analysis for the silence of western governments and media on the matter.

I think western governments do not want to admit that they are involved in warfare with Iranian-backed forces in the southern Arabian Peninsula. If they admitted this fact openly, it would strengthen the argument that they need to also attack Iran’s nuclear facilities to keep Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. As Iran gets closer to having nuclear weapons, the pressure on Israel to attack Iran grows as well. The third link below reports that the Obama administration is telling Israel “in no uncertain terms” to not attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. Why would Obama effectively be “protecting” Iran from an Israeli strike? I think it is because the USA knows that any such strike will trigger a much-broader war throughout the Mideast (and maybe the world). The USA fears this because the USA has no more troops with which to fight any more wars, and such a war could bring down the global financial/monetary system based on the U.S. dollar. Indeed, U.S. ground forces are at the breaking point already, worn out by years of warfare and repetitive combat deployments of the same personnel over and over again. The final link below documents that the morale and well-being of the U.S. ground forces’ personnel is so depleted that suicides are now outnumbering battle deaths in the U.S. Army. The link notes that there were almost twice as many suicides in the army as deaths from hostile action in the Afghan War during January. If Obama has to fight a war with Iran in the Persian Gulf, he will either have to admit defeat in Afghanistan and quickly withdraw U.S. forces there (so they can fight elsewhere) or enact a civilian draft in the USA so the “Nobel Peace prize winner” in the Oval Office can fight a much larger war. Either option will have devastating political costs for Obama. I think this is why Obama wants the Israelis to sacrifice themselves or jeopardize their national survival by doing nothing while Iran gets the nukes to “wipe Israel off the map.” While the Israelis will wait as long as they can to preserve their historic ties to the USA, they cannot delay so long that they risk their own national survival. When that point is reached, some very hard choices will have to be made by many nations.