The USAF now has a very valuable new weapon, according to a British Daily Mail media report (see first link). The article reports that the USAF has a new air-to-surface, stand-off missile which can be fired by either bombers or fighter jets. This new stand-off missile can hit a small targeted area with an EMP (electro-magnetic missile) which knocks out electric power in the targeted area when the warhead is activated over the target.

I’m sure all readers are aware of EMP weapons which are nuclear warheads that, when air-burst over a region, can knock out non-protected electric power over a very wide area. It is estimated a few such nuclear explosions over the USA could knock-out electric power throughout the USA. The book, One Second After, by William Forstchen, explores the horrific consequences of such an attack. I recommend the book to you. So do Newt Gingrich, the former US Speaker of the House of Representatives and General Eugene Habiger, the former head of the US Strategic Air Command (both have recommendations included with the book).

The article cites one source (speaking for the USAF) who stated that this new weapon’s capacity is an “operational system already in out tactical air force.” The word “tactical” in that statement is important. When applied to weapons usage, the word “strategic” usually means a weapon which destroys or damages a very large area and the word “tactical” usually indicates a localized target area. This is a very useful weapon. It could be used to attack a city, a neighborhood or perhaps the area of the attack could be as narrowly focused as a single building (as one illustration at the first link indicates). Think of the applications such a weapon could have when used in support of a special operations raid on a particular target, when used to take out a military target located in a civilian area, etc. I assume it could also be used against specific ships at sea, civilian airliners (which would then mysteriously crash), etc. In the wrong hands, think of what such a weapon could do if used, for example, against an Olympic stadium or sporting event stadium full of people or a building in which world leaders are meeting. I’m sure that other world powers have also been working on this same type of weapon, and, if the USA has it, it is highly likely that other NATO nations or Israel have it too. I’m also sure that Russia and China have been working on such a project. Whether they have such a weapon is not known.

If this weapon can be deployed via air-to-surface missiles, why couldn’t it also be deployed via drones of various sizes, sea-launched missiles, etc? Is it available in a small enough payload that a tank or artillery shell can fire it? In the Cold War, the USA had a tactical nuclear weapon which could be fired by a heavy mortar shell called the Davy Crockett with a range of 1-2.5 miles (second link). Were these weapons all really destroyed or are some still in storage somewhere? That would be a very valuable weapon for small nations or small forces to have in their inventory. I’ll bet the Baltic nations would like to have a few score of these small nukes. If the USA could miniaturize nuclear weapons to so small a size and delivery method decades ago, just imagine what weapons systems have been miniaturized in today’s far more high-tech military inventories. I’d bet the EMP missile discussed in the first link is only one of a variety of ways this small EMP weapon could be delivered to a target. I can think of some ways I won’t put in print. I’ll bet you can too.

The world’s militaries are rapidly preparing all kinds of new weapons and counter-weapons for any World War III. Ezekiel 38-39, Joel 2, Revelation 16:12-21 and 19:11-Revelation 20:4 all prophesy that a future World War III is a certainty, and when combined, the biblical prophecies have a lot of details about how that war will be fought, who will be engaged, where the main theaters of battle will be, and the final results. You can read about all of these prophecies in my one article: What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III.

My thanks to a reader who sent me the first link.