Steven Collins
July 30, 2007

I thank an alert reader for sending this report to me. According to the news story at this link, the US Navy sunk a North Korean ship as it was nearing the coast of Iran. The North Korean ship was reportedly transferring uranium and other items from North Korea’s nuclear program to Iran for use in Iran’s nuclear weapons program. If the report is true, it has certainly been “hushed up” by establishment media sources.

It also indicates that President Bush and the US Government is deadly serious about not allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. Given that the leader of Iran has openly proclaimed his desire to “wipe Israel off the map” and seems almost eager to provoke an apocalyptic war which he thinks would usher in his version of an Islamic Messiah, it seems logical to me that any ship should be sunk by the USA if such ships are bringing materials to hasten Iran’s acquiring nuclear weapons.  President Bush’s term of office is drawing closer to an end, so pressure is mounting on him to “do something” before the end of his term to stop (or at least delay) Iran’s nuclear weapons programs. The pressure is also mounting on the Israelis to “do something” about Iran’s nuclear program.

Keep in mind that I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this report, but I’m passing it on to readers for their consideration.

This report surely indicates that North Korea will be one of the nations allied to the alliance led by Russia, China and Iran which is prophesied by Ezekiel 38 to come into existence just prior to the end of this age.