This link concerns the sending of a large amount of modern weaponry by the USA to Egypt in spite of the fact that Egypt is now led by an Islamic Moslem Brotherhood radical. The weaponry, 16 F-16s and 200 Abrams tanks, was originally intended to be sent to the moderate Mubarak government in Egypt, but the Obama administration has released the weaponry to Egypt even though Morsi, the new radical Egyptian leader, is on record as proclaiming that Obama utters “many lies” and he has also urged that “children be taught to hate Jews.”
On the face of it, it seems absurd to send such weaponry to a radicalized Egypt when those very weapons may be used against Israel, America’s most reliable ally in the region. The article describes the arms gift to Egypt and includes statements by those both pro and con regarding this transfer of weaponry to a radicalized Moslem nation. You can read them and judge for yourself who makes the most sense.
The addition of such powerful conventional weaponry to Egypt’s arsenal makes Israel’s national security situation much more difficult. With Lebanon essentially taken over by Hezbollah, Egypt becoming radicalized, Iran nearing a nuclear weapons capability and Syria in a civil war that could see a radicalized regime take power there, Israel could soon be in a very dangerous situation.
It is my personal observation that the transfer of such weaponry to Egypt was unwise–at least until Morsi repudiated his past inflammatory anti-American and anti-Jewish rhetoric and took solid steps to confirm he will maintain the past Egyptian-Israeli peace pact that has long given stability to the region. If a widespread Mideast war breaks out and the Israelis have to fight on all fronts at once, the gift of so many modern weapons to Egypt makes it more likely that the Israelis will have to use nuclear weapons to win the war. Israel cannot afford to lose such a war. Doing so would mean the end of the Israeli nation and a new Holocaust. Therefore, if the Israelis have to resort to nuclear weapons to win the war and survive, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that they will do so. I’ve been through the Yad Vashem, the Israeli Holocaust memorial, which intensely conveys the message: “Never again.” If/when such a war breaks out, the Israelis will also have God as an ally even if the USA and all nations forsake it (Zechariah 12). As the enemies of the Israelis will learn, God makes the best ally anyone could ever have!