The USA has announced a major weapons sale to the Israelis. Such weapons sales are not unusual, but this sale was remarkable because of which weapons were sold to the Israelis.  The USA is selling to Israel KC-135 long-distance air-to-air refueling planes, anti-radiation missiles, advanced radars for Israeli warplanes and V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor warplanes.
As all of you realize, there have been many media reports and warnings of possible Israeli and or American air and missile strikes of Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities. The KC-135 refueling planes are very critical to making a possible Israeli raid on Iran successful. The anti-radiation missiles would help suppress Iran’s anti-aircraft defenses and upgraded radars for Israeli warplanes will make them more effective in attacking Iran and surviving to make it home. The sale of the V-22 osprey warplanes are noteworthy as this is the first time the USA has sold this unusual warplane to any other nation (it takes off like a helicopter and flies like an airplane). Such warplanes would make special forces raids much more effective (could Syrian chemical weapons depots be a likely target?).
Saudi Arabia and the UAE are also about to receive large new orders of American weaponry, and the apparent reason is to help them deter an Iranian attack. Therefore, it is not just Israel that is receiving American weaponry to attack or defend against Iran. Moslem Sunni nations are also receiving American weaponry to help them oppose Shiite Moslem Iran.
Clearly, Iran is in the cross-hairs of current American weapons deals in the Mideast. The sale of weapons to Israel is particularly important as it will make an Israeli attack upon Iran much more likely to succeed as Israeli warplanes could be refueled by Israeli KC-135 tankers instead of needing a clandestine refueling location in an isolated portion of some nation’s desert on the way back to Israel. The sale of these weapons to Israel at this time indicates to me that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made a very good case to President Obama in their recent meeting that such weaponry was needed at this time. Russia and China are, of course, Iran’s backers and the American sales of advanced weaponry to Israel will likely lead to more Russian and Chinese weapons sales to Iran.
The above developments document the military preparations being taken by the two great alliances prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 to come into existence in the latter days of this age. The first alliance is led by Russia, China and Iran and their allies. The second alliance is led by the nations of the modern ten tribes of Israel, led by the USA, NATO and their global allies. For new readers, I urge you to read my articles, The USA in Biblical Prophecy and What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III to learn much more about these two rival alliances which have come into existence exactly as the Bible foretold approximately 2500 years ago.