On February 3rd, I posted a blog about the major naval build-up occurring in the Persian Gulf. Today’s blog follows up with more information on that region of the world. FoxNews reports that the Obama administration has been “quietly” rushing missile defense systems to the Arab nations located across the Persian Gulf from Iran. Some of that air-defense capability is on the warships deployed to the Persian Gulf by the USA, but other missile defense systems are ground-based and they are being sent to the Gulf States, apparently on an expedititious basis.

The first link below notes that “tensions between the USA and Iran are rising” as a result of these military deployments. While the Obama administration talks much about settling the Iran problem via diplomacy and more “sanctions” (which have been largely useless so far in halting Iran’s nuclear programs), it is also making active preparations for war. Remember the old saying “actions speak louder than words?” America’s “actions” currently are hastening to put the region on a war footing even as America’s “words” say otherwise. There are two possible reasons for the Obama administration acting with more haste to prepare for a shooting war in the Persian Gulf. Either Obama knows that the USA is going to strike Iran and is taking the necessary deployment moves one would expect if such action was approaching, or its intelligence appraisals indicate that Iran might strike first (a possibility I examined in a previous blog). There are some reports on the internet that Iran may be expecting to do something major on 2-11-10. Time will tell if those reports have any validity.

The first link, dated 2-1-10, ends with a statement that U.S. intelligence analysts have concluded that Iran’s ballistic missile program is not progressing as fast as they first thought. Just two days later, Iran successfully launched a satellite into space carrying small animals and creatures into space atop a new and larger rocket. Those U.S. intelligence analysts may want to look closer at their data. That new Iranian rocket that can carry live cargo into earth orbit may also become a long-range ballistic missile with a few adaptations.