As some readers may have noticed in media reports, it appears likely that the US Navy has lost one of the nuclear-powered attack submarines in its inventory. The USS Miami, which was being prepared for a major refitting and upgrading process, caught fire in its docked position. Although no final decision has yet been made, the fire was sufficiently extensive that the attack submarine may have to be scrapped (see the Free Republic and Union Leader articles). Another factor that may lead to the ship’s scrapping is the automatic defense spending sequestration process that is still scheduled to be implemented soon if Congress does not take action to prevent it. With defense dollars disappearing, it is unlikely an unexpected repair job like this will be retained in the budget.
Given that China’s Navy is rapidly building new modern warships for its navy, the US Navy can ill-afford to lose one of its nuclear-attack submarines. However, it appears that it apparently has done so. Was the fire due to incompetence, sabotage or a costly accident? I’m sure an in-depth inquiry will answer that question.
The bottom line is that in the growing competition between the Gog-Magog alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 to include Russia, China and Iran on one side and the alliance led by the modern ten tribes of Israel (the USA, the NATO nations and their western allies), the US-led alliance was just weakened by the apparent loss of the USS Miami.
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