The USA has launched back into space one of its new “hush-hush” space weapons–the X-37B “mini space shuttle” which is now a military space vehicle and can stay aloft a very long time since it is unmanned. The links below report that the last mission of an X-37B lasted 674 days. The links below also offer details about the X-37B and very little about its true mission. The craft is about 1/4th the length of a retired space shuttle vehicle and can be reduced in size a great deal since it needs no compartment for any human crew, food, water, oxygen, space suits, etc. The reports indicate a bit about some non-military items on board this flight, but its military mission, capabilities, etc. are not specified. One link mentions the USA has two of these craft now, but even that report is hardly “under oath.” There may be more X-37Bs already made for all we know.

There are a lot of crisis spots on the earth now. With the Russian-Ukrainian war, the ISIL war in Iraq and Syria, the Syrian civil war, the Chinese military presence growing in the South China Sea, etc., the USA has decided to put back into orbit a space-based weapons platform. The timing may not be coincidental.

What can the X-37B do? All other nations are surely asking this question. No doubt, Russia and China are trying to figure out ways to destroy it while it is in orbit, so the X-37B surely has defensive weaponry. It no doubt has offensive weaponry too. Let’s do some speculating about its weapons systems and its missions.

The X-37B’s defensive weaponry surely must include either a laser-based or kinetic-projectile-using weapons system to destroy any warheads, satellites, etc. being aimed at it. Its offensive weapons are a mystery. I think we can safely assume that it can easily destroy or disable enemy satellites. As a practical matter, it is necessary to disable enemy satellites without fragmenting them. When the Chinese a few years ago destroyed one of their own satellites to demonstrate their new anti-satellite weapons system, it created so much space junk and debris that other nations need to keep track of it all to keep all their satellites from being disabled by that scattered debris–which in space went in all directions and into different altitudes. If the X-37B (or any other space weapons system of any nation started destroying satellites on a large scale, there would be so much new erratic space debris created that the unintended consequences of any such attack would likely disable the satellites of all other nations. I’m sure the USAF has anticipated this reality. Therefore, the X-37B must be able to disable satellites or weapons systems in space via a laser or EMP-focused device which simply deactivates or destroys the electronic equipment on-board a targeted satellite without dismembering it into all directions. Perhaps a high-energy electric burst would overload the circuitry of any satellite and disable it while leaving it in one piece. The USA has a lot of satellites in space. It does not want to employ on the X-37B a weapons system that, when used, would create space debris that could also disable US satellites.

It is also likely the X-37B has offensive weaponry that can target the earth’s surface from outer space. My guess is what I would have tried to design if I were in charge of its offensive weaponry. I doubt it has a laser powerful enough to reach the surface with destructive power. It may have a laser or energy beam that can target high-flying warplanes and knock out their electronic circuitry. It may have a laser or plasma beam capable of disabling enemy ICBMs at the apogee of their flight path toward the USA. This would make such ICBMs vulnerable to attack when they are at near-space altitude.

However, what I would have also tried to design would be an ejectable weapons pod that would be like a MIRV-type (Multiple Independently Targeted Vehicle) missile that carries multiple warheads toward a targeted region. A weapons pod dropped or fired toward a specific region on earth could, after traveling through the earth’s atmosphere, eject its warheads or weapons which would be independently directed to specific targets. The warheads could be nuclear or conventional in nature, but it would have to be a very high-priority target to justify so expensive a weapons system to fire only conventional weaponry. It could also drop a cluster of targeted EMP weapons. For example, if for any reason the USA was targeted by EMP weapons, such a weapons pod on the X-37B could drop an EMP weapons pod which would dispense several EMP weapons to explode over various regions of Russia, China and Iran so all these nations would be without electricity as well. This would create a MAD-type (Mutually Assured Destruction) situation where neither the USA nor its enemies would dare use EMP weapons for fear of getting hit the same way. Of course, the weaponry planned for the X-37B may be so futuristic that none of us could imagine what it is.

I hope readers appreciate my updates on the development of modern weaponry being developed by the USA and the West as well as the Gog Magog bloc of nations (Russia, China, Iran, etc.) as prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39. Since Ezekiel 38-39 guarantee such a war will occur between these blocs (and that it will started by the Gog-Magog bloc), it behooves us to know what kind of weaponry will be used.