In a noteworthy development, the Pentagon has finally and firmly recognized China as the military threat that it is, and it has adopted a new “Air Sea Battle” plan that prepares a war strategy against China if such a war occurs in the future. Given that the Pentagon and other parts of the Obama administration have had “pro-China” officials or apologists for China who minimized the growing Chinese military threat, this new policy of the Pentagon is a much-needed recognition of reality.

The first link (below) describes this new plan as being similar to war plans devised in the Cold War to fight Russia. It calls for much closer cooperation between the US Air Force and Navy to support each other’s forces. It calls for the development of a new long-range bomber to penetrate Chinese air defenses, which infers that the B-2 Stealth bomber has been compromised as a penetrating bomber. Given the sequestration cuts that will hit the military if Congress does nothing to change the automatic budget cuts on the military due to the failure of the Congressional Supercommittee, it is hard to see where funding for such a program would come from. It also calls for USAF planes to help defend US warships, to deploy sea mines against Chinese warships and conduct joint air strikes on Chinese targets. It also acknowledges the major threat to US carriers posed by the new Chinese weaponry.

The article also noted that “some administration officials opposed the new concept over concerns it would upset China.” Good grief!! Who are these officials who are stuck in denial? They remind me of the appeasers in Britain in the 1930s who didn’t want to prepare for war because it might provoke Hitler. The article correctly observes that this new Pentagon strategy shows that “Washington is finally facing up to the real threat that China has become an adversarial threat…” It’s about time!

The second link also comments on this new anti-Chinese American war strategy and discusses China’s plans “to ambush US aircraft carriers” if they have to defend Taiwan, and how China would use its new subs to choke off entrance points to the South China Sea in any future war. Both articles are written by Bill Gertz of the The Washington Times, and both are well worth reading.

This new policy is very noteworthy as it finally shows the USA is openly realizing that China is now an enemy nation whose military poses a major threat to the USA.

In previous posts at this site, I’ve observed that China may actually want a regional, limited war to test its new military forces to see if its new weaponry can sink US carriers. It must be remembered that while China’s new, modern warplanes, warships and missiles are sophisticated and impressive, the Chinese military personnel are extremely inexperienced and “green” when it comes to actual combat. China has not fought a war since 1979 when it fought a brief war withVietnam and Chinese forces did not do all that well, given China’s immense numerical superiority over Vietnam. The American military, especially the army, is combat-ready and battle-hardened due to ten years of warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan. The USAF has been involved with many wartime missions in these wars, and the Navy has performed support and supply functions in wartime conditions. The USA knows what its forces and equipment can do. China does not know what its military forces and equipment can do in real combat conditions. That means China’s war-planners actually need a regional, limited war that they can back away from if things go badly. A war in the South China Sea over the oil rights around the Spratly Islands might be just the excuse they need for such a war. The pressing need for China to test its new military forces and equipment in real combat conditions makes China very dangerous at the moment. Maybe that is why China is being so hard-nosed about trying to take over rights to the entire South China Sea—it wants a fight.

If such a regional war occurs, it is merely a prelude to the eventual Gog-Magog war at the end of this age that is prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39. China needs to test its weaponry before that age-ending World War occurs. For new readers, you may read the very specific information that the Bible gives us about this future age-ending war in my homepage article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III [PDF]. [To access all my articles and audio messages, click on the “articles” or “speeches” tabs at the very top of my homepage.]