An alert reader sent me a link which contains an AP story that details how the USA and Pakistan are steadily pulling apart as “allies,” and that Pakistan is drawing relentlessly closer to China. As readers no doubt know, Pakistan’s support for US efforts in the Afghan War is essential if the USA is to continue that war. Large amounts of “non lethal” war supplies pass through Pakistan to reach US forces in Afghanistan. When Pakistan was angry with the USA earlier, it temporarily refused to allow the USA’s truck convoys to transit Pakistani territory to reach US troops in Afghanistan.

Since the assassination of Osama Bin Laden (who was protected and living comfortably near a major Pakistani military base), American-Pakistani relations have taken a nose-dive. The question must be asked whether Bin Laden was actually being protected by Pakistani forces given that Bin Laden was sheltered in a fortified building on or next to a Pakistani military base. This fact gives the USA huge reasons to doubt the reliability of Pakistan as an ally. The USA has now cut off $800 million in aid money to Pakistan to show its displeasure and, apparently, whip Pakistan into shape as a more reliable ally. As the article below notes, this is likely to backfire as Pakistan is turning steadily to China to “offset the impact” of diminished US aid. Pakistan has long purchased military supplies from China and last year bought fighter aircraft from China. As the article notes, “The Pakistani military is ‘trying to go the Chinese way.'”

In a number of blog postings since this website began, I have predicted that Pakistan will eventually be allied to China and Russia, not the USA. This prediction was based on the biblical prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39 about the Gog-Magog alliance which would form in the latter days and eventually attack the nations of the “house of Israel” (the modern USA, most European NATO nations, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and their global allies) in an age-ending World War III.

Ezekiel 38:1-6 lists the nations which will be allied in the Gog-Magog alliance led by Russia and China, and “Cush” is listed in verse 5 (it is translated as “Ethiopia” in the King James Version.) As noted in previous blog postings, the name of “Cush” (listed in Genesis 10:6) is stamped on the modern nations of Afghanistan and Pakistan as the “Hindu Kush Mountains” straddle the northern regions of both nations. While modern Cushites do live in the nations of the horn of Africa, the majority of modern Cushites live in Southern Asia. Based on Ezekiel 38:6’s prophecy and the fact that the name of Cush is present on both Afghanistan and Pakistan, I have predicted that these nations are very likely to be allied against the USA and the West at the end of this age. The article documents that events are moving very strongly to fulfill that prediction.

The unspoken and overriding fact is that the USA deems India as far more important to it and the Western nations than Pakistan. India not only has an English-speaking tradition and is a democracy, but it also serves as a necessary counterweight to China in Asian geopolitics. As the article indicates, the “alliance” between the USA and Pakistan is based only on temporary convenience. The USA needs Pakistani permission to transport supplies to American forces in Afghanistan. Pakistan doesn’t mind taking American billions in aid money to buy its cooperation. However, this arrangement is heading to a breaking point. The Afghanistan War will wind down as the US withdraws more troops and, if a major financial crisis hits America, the Afghan War could end very quickly as the USA will be unable to fund that war. When/if that happens, the USA will no longer need Pakistan as an ally and Pakistan will receive no more aid from the USA. We can then expect to see Pakistan openly embrace China, one of the leaders of the anti-American Gog-Magog alliance. This modern geopolitical development was foretold millennia ago in Ezekiel 38, further confirming the accuracy of the Bible and the fact that the Creator God’s Divine hand rules in the destinies of modern nations.