Amid all the “bad news” that has to be reported at this website, it is great when I can give readers some “good news.” The first link below gives considerable detail about a US weapons system that has long been classified but is now nearing the deployment stage. It is a “high-energy laser weapon system for the destruction of tactical theatre ballistic missiles…carried on a Boeing 747-400F freighter aircraft.”  This anti-ballistic missile system is designed to kill enemy ballistic missiles while they are in their boost phase and it has been reportedly under development since 1996. The link states that actual missile intercept tests for the final weapons system “will start in August, 2009” so the link had to be written at least a few months ago.

A recent blog reported that China was building a tactical ballistic missile to destory US aircraft carriers (and obviously any other American military or civilian target). This “ABL Airborne Laser” system sounds like a good counter-weapon to the Chinese ballistic missile. Since this sophisticated weapons system is carried on a flying airplane when it is deployed, it will obviously require excellent fighter escort protection to keep this weapons system aloft and fighting when/if a future war occurs. I can’t help but think that the F-22 fighter (which the Obama administration and Democratic Congress just killed) would be the best plane to provide protection for the ABL laser system. The 747 aircraft which carries this anti-missile system will fly at 40,000 feet (according to the first link). Given the curvature of the earth and the need to have a “line of sight” attack angle against a rising ballistic missile, it is unclear to me how close to the enemy missiles this 747 would need to be to be able to fire at them. Based on my layman’s perspective, it appears this 747 would need to be based somewhere near Guam, Hawaii or Alaska to be at altitude and close enough to China to shoot down its ballistic missiles. The exact range and altitude parameters of this weapons system is likely classified yet.

The second link (an animated video clip) describes how the ABL Airborne Laser system would kill enemy ballistic missiles and how the USA’s anti-missile system would be “layered” with Aegis missile platforms and shorter-range missiles adding further means of killing enemy missiles which were not downed by the ABL Laser system. I recommend you watch it as it is not only informative but encouraging!

How could this weapons system fit into prophecy? In biblical times, God occasionally “did all the fighting” for ancient Israel or Judah, but that was the exception, not the rule. Usually, God blessed the fighting skills and actions of the ancient Israelites or Jews while their armies engaged the enemy in combat. Ezekiel 38-39 actually has some verses that may be fulfilled by US weaponry in general, and by this ABL antiballistic missile system in particular. Ezekiel 38:21 prophesies that God will “call for a sword against him [the Gog-Magog attackers] throughout all my mountains.” The word “mountains” can symbolize “nations” in prophetic language, so God has already declared in advance that the Israelite and Jewish armies of today (NATO, the Israelis, and all the western nations and their allies) will be expected to fight back with their own weapons against the invaders of the Gog-Magog alliance. Ezekiel 39:3 prophesies that God (speaking to the Gog-Magog invaders) says: “I will smite your bow out of your left hand and will cause your arrows to fall out of your right hand” (emphasis added). While the word “sword” in Ezekiel 38:20 is a prophecy about close action weaponry against enemy forces, the words “bow” and “arrows” depicted the ancient world’s version of long-range weapons. Bows and arrows were ancient “missiles” and “missile launchers.”  Applying this prophecy to modern weaponry (which is clearly described in Revelation 9’s prophecy as warplanes, tanks, armored helicopters, etc. as seen by the Apostle John in his vision of our modern era), Ezekiel 39:3 prophesies that an unspecified number of the “missiles” and “missile launchers” in the Gog-Magog alliance’s arsenal will either not work correctly or will be destroyed. God could easily send angels to destroy the enemy missiles in flight or disable their launch platforms, but since God also has prophesied that he expects modern America and its allies to use their own weaponry to defend themselves when attacked in the latter days, Ezekiel 39:3 could also be fulfilled by the layered anti-missile defense systems described in the two links below.

Hopefully, the USA will build many of these flying ABL anti-ballistic missile systems. However, the current Commander-in-Chief (who may never have actually held or fired a gun in his life) may cancel the ABL program in order to give more mega-bailouts to the reckless barons of Wall Street or “cave in” to Chinese demands for US disarmament as a price for not tanking the US dollar on world markets. Obama will have to decide whether it is more important to defend America or allow the reckless barons of Wall Street to give themselves more billions of dollars in bonuses from bail-out money. In cancelling the F-22 and allowing Wall Street tycoons to get billions of bonuses, Obama has shown a proclivity to choose the latter option. Its just a personal observation, but in the future, it might be wise if American voters select Presidents who actually know something about military weapons systems and strategies. Obama is making decisions about hugely-important weapons systems and troop deployments that are critical to the defense and survival of the United States of America and the effectiveness of American military forces. My question is: Does our current Commander-in Chief  even know how to fire a rifle?

Obama is reminding me more of Jimmy Carter as time goes by. Jimmy Carter, guided by naivety or ignorance, cancelled the B-1 bomber. Voters got sick of Carter’s weakness and pacifism and elected the tough-minded Ronald Reagan as President. Reagan promptly revived the B-1 bomber which proved its usefulness in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I hope the defense contractors don’t throw away the tooling for the F-22 Raptor just yet. The next president might appreciate the need for it and refund the program.

One final note. The last link reports on a recent successful test of the ABL weapons system, but also reports that Obama’s Defense Department wants to “scale back the ABL program to a pure research initiative.” This makes no sense at all. I wonder if Obama is as pacifist and naive as Jimmy Carter or is he giving into blackmail from China? I’m reminded of Jeremiah 50:6, which states: “My people have been lost sheep; their shepherds [leaders] have led them astray…” This seems to aptly describe modern America and the nations of the western world. I suggest the leaders of the USA and the western world read Ezekiel 34, which describes the “woe” God has in store for national leaders who do not take care of the best interests of their nations and their people in this world. If those leaders think it is too hard to stand up to the special interests or the nation’s enemies now, they will have to face their Maker in the Judgment and hear how many centuries of breathtakingly severe punishments they will have to live through in the next life for harming the lives of 100s of millions of people (“sheep”) whose well-being they abandoned and betrayed. The leaders of the USA and the West need to repent and start responsibly “taking care of business” while they have time. Once they leave office, God’s sentence on them is “locked in” for the next life.

If America’s leaders are dumb enough to cancel the ABL system, God’s angels may have to fulfill Ezekiel 39:3, because one way or the other, God will make sure his prophecy gets fuflilled!