The development of more robotic and drone weaponry continues. This trend will revolutionize the battlefields of future years. The first link reports that robotic army robots could be integrated into manned US army units within 5 years. This link lists the types of weaponry that these robots will carry into battle. It sounds to me like they will use any standard weaponry that an army squad or platoon would bring into battle. Robots could also carry out “suicide” missions on a battlefield. The link acknowledges that previous efforts at utilizing and testing such robotic weapons didn’t turn out so well, but it appears that much progress is now being made to bring this military option into a reality.
I’m sure that readers are familiar with the drones currently being used by the US military (and by other nations as well). They can be very effective in delivering weaponry into an area without risking a pilot, but drones have also deeply alienated the nation of Pakistan whose northwestern region has been targeted by many US drone strikes. The arena of drone warfare is about to take a whole new step. The second link reports that a retired F-16 is being tested and equipped to act as an aerial drone. Even an older version of the F-16, a front-line fighter aircraft, would give aerial drones an entirely more lethal dimension. They could fly far faster and delivery a greater weapons package than current smaller and slower aerial drones. Without a need for a human pilot, a drone F-16 could perform robust aerial maneuvers that could either kill a human pilot or render a pilot unconscious. If an F-16 can be turned into a drone, it means that the entire retired fleet of warplanes possessed by the USA could be turned into aerial warplanes again. Other nations may also be working on similar programs.
Revelation 13 prophesies that when the global “beast” power finally arises and comes openly into power, the nations will say “Who is able to make war with him?” (Revelation 13:1-4) This statement indicates that the beast power will unveil an array of weaponry that humanity didn’t even know existed, and humanity will be awed by what they see. My previous posts have discussed the development of invisibility (“cloaking”) weapons technology, nanotechnology weapons, mechanical robots posing as animals, etc. Add armed robots and modern warplanes not flown by a pilot in the cockpit to that list. Keep in mind that the real stage of development on all these projects is surely far further along than what is being publicly revealed. The archives of my blog can be accessed to read past posts on the development of invisibility cloaking devices and nanotechnology weaponry.
My thanks to a reader who tipped me off to one of these links.
I want to leave you with one thought to consider. Robotic weapons systems can be very good if used to fight for just causes in ways that lessen dangers to the armed forces of the “good guys.” However, robotic weapon systems of any kind will not have a conscience. Such military robots would be very useful to tyrannical or wicked rulers who want to wage war on or attack certain groups of people via missions that human soldiers might recoil from. Armed robots could also be used to execute grisly orders that human soldiers with a conscience might refuse to execute.  Robotic weapons will do anything the “beast” leader tells them to do.