March 21, 2009
Steve Collins
Amidst all the gloomy news that is emerging about the rapid militarization of Russia, China and Iran as they prepare (unknowingly, to be sure) to fulfill the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 in the future, it is a pleasure to report some good news at times. This is one of those times. The USA is still making progress with its military systems as well.
FOX News reports (see link below) that the USA has demonstrated the ability to shoot down “medium range ballistic missiles” from “ground-based, mobile missile launchers.” Not only is this good news, but the fact that this defensive weapons system can be placed on “mobile” missile launchers is even better. This means that an enemy cannot aim all its attacking missiles at just fixed target because this US missile system can be moved around so it is a much harder target to “take out.” It was used to successfully shoot down medium-range enemy ICBMs. Therefore, this system could be useful in defending Japan from North Korean missiles, defending Israel from Iranian missiles, defending Europe from Russian or Iranian missiles, defending Alaska from Russian missiles, etc.
However, it should be noted that demonstrating a successful interception capability in a test is one thing. Actually deploying the anti-missile system into active service could be years away. But it is a step in the right direction.
Ezekiel 39:3 prophesies that when the Gog-Magog alliance attacks the nations of the western world in the latter days, their “bows and arrows” will be disabled and will not hit their intended targets. That is very good news, because we can count on the Creator to keep his promises. In the ancient world, “bows and arrows” referred to the ancient world’s long-range “missile” systems. The “bows and arrows” of modern nations are all kinds of ICBMs, cruise missiles, etc. and their missile-launching platforms. Putting this into a modern context, Ezekiel 39 prophesies that at least some of the missiles of Russia, China and Iran will not work or will be destroyed or disabled in their attack trajectories. God can surely send angels to knock all or some of their missiles out of the skies if he wishes, but God also often guides and directs human events and actions to accomplish his will. The prophecy in Ezekiel 39:3 could even indicate both these options will occur (Ezekiel 38:21 records God calls on the attacked nations to “use their weapons” in their own self-defense while Ezekiel 39:1-6 indicates that God himself will take direct action against the military forces of Russia, China, Iran and their allies). To the extent that God “blesses” the success of the weaponry of the western nations, it may indicate that the West’s anti-missile capacities are already better than are being publicly acknowledged.  Let’s hope so, but let’s be very thankful for the Creators’ promise to help defend our peoples when we are attacked.,2933,509612,00.html