In an extraordinary move, the USA has closed its embassy and other consulate facilities in Saudi Arabia for a few days. The reason cited is security threats against Americans and other westerners (see first link, second link and third link for various media perspectives). It may be that security concerns are the only reason for this action. However, there may be more here than meets the eye. I think when we dig deeper, many sub rosa things become evident.

To begin with, this action indicates that the USA lacks confidence in the ability of the Saudis to provide security at the US embassy and related consular facilities. That alone is cause for concern. Another possibility is that the recent killing/assassination of a close relative of Syrian president Assad (fourth link and fifth link) may lead the Syrians to take retaliatory action vs. the Saudis (who have supported the rebels trying to oust Assad from power), and that any such action inside Saudi Arabia could spill over into violence vs. westerners.

I believe that the temporary closure of the US embassy in Saudi Arabia is a symptom of a much deeper problem. Recently, the USA not only closed but evacuated its embassy in Yemen, a nation bordering Saudi Arabia on the south. The Iranian-supported Houthi tribe took control of much of Yemen and the region where Yemen borders the Red Sea. As I noted in a previous post on this subject, if the Iranians give missiles to their Houthi allies, the Iranian Shiite bloc will threaten all merchant shipping passing through the Suez Canal via its southern approach and exit via the Red Sea. The Obama administration evacuated the US embassy in a very ignominious manner–even reportedly ordering US Marines to destroy or surrender their own weapons (sixth link and seventh link). The extreme weakness of the Obama administration in refusing to either reinforce/protect the US embassy or at least send in military forces to allow for an honorable exit of US personnel in Yemen was surely noticed by all nations. Obama “waved a white flag” of surrender in how this retreat was conducted.

The weakness of the Obama administration in its global and national security policies is making many traditional US allies, understandably, very uneasy. The Mideast nations of Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt and Jordan all have reasons to doubt the loyalty of the Obama administration to those nations’ security interests. Saudi Arabia leads a Sunni Islamic bloc in the Mideast region (with Egypt as its most-powerful Sunni ally) and Iran leads the Shiite-aligned bloc in the Islamic world. In previous US administrations, Republican and Democrat administrations have logically supported the Sunni bloc vs. Iran (which calls the USA “the Great Satan”). The Obama administration has, oddly, given many signals that it actually supports Iran’s interests. It has done so in supporting the Islamic Brotherhood’s effort to destabilize Egypt, surrendering Yemen to an Iranian-aligned group almost without any fight at all, overthrowing the Sunni Khadaffy regime in Libya and now reportedly being at the point of “caving in” to Iran’s demands to be allowed to develop its own nuclear program. Sometimes the diplomatic signals of one’s true allegiances are also revealed in very subtle gestures. In spite of the USA’s longstanding alliance with Saudi Arabia and Iran’s past declarations of being the USA’s enemy, the Obama White House just hosted a friendly celebration in honor of the Iranian New Year’s observance (eighth link).

The Saudis, Egyptians, Israelis and many other nations have every right to be worried about the USA’s allegiances as long as Obama is president. Obama’s foreign policy moves and decisions make no sense at all unless…Obama secretly favors the Iranian Shiite side of the Muslim¬†world. If that is the case, then Obama’s policies and decisions make lots of sense, albeit in a way that betrays the USA’s traditional allies and America’s own security interests. How could this have happened?

Obama’s term of office doesn’t end until January 2017. Many nations may become unwilling to wait for a sensible new US president to take office. Many nations may start taking actions to distance themselves from the policy chaos in the Obama administration. That chaos has become so bad that I just watched a guest being interviewed on the FOX News program called The Kelly File making the point that Obama is not serious about fighting ISIL/ISIS and he also stated that Obama’s policies are making so little sense that he wondered aloud whether Valerie Jarrett is running the White House. The guest was Wayne Simmons, who was identified as a “former CIA operative.” Let’s conclude with some media comments about Valerie Jarrett.

Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran…to America parents living there, according to Wikipedia (ninth link). Given her close influence in the Obama White House, does this explain the very odd pro-Iranian tilt to the Obama administration’s policies? The New York Post just released a story that Valerie Jarrett and the Obama administration are secretly behind the recent spate of exposes about Hilary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State (tenth link). The Internet has many links about Valerie Jarrett’s influence in the Obama administration. You can peruse the last link to check out a variety of them. I believe a titanic geopolitical struggle is going on behind the scenes, and we commoners are only getting mere glimpses of that struggle which spill out in the form of a variety of media stories and leaks.

I wonder if the recent Iranian New Year’s soiree at the White House was Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett’s idea.

We certainly live in dangerous times (II Timothy 3:1). In a time when the world’s longtime global superpower, the USA, is in retreat on the world scene and where America’s traditional allies can no longer trust the USA under its current president, major shifts and changes previously thought impossible, may now occur. Major biblical prophecies may come to be fulfilled as a result of the confused policies of the world’s fading global superpower. As an American, I mourn the state of our nation.