Steven Collins
October 1, 2007
It is has been well-documented that Russia is rearming and restoring its military forces, and that it can afford to do so with the billions of dollars it is generating on energy sales to the Western nations. It is also well-known that Communist China has embarked on a very aggressive arms-building program and it is especially expanding its Navy at a rapid rate. Iran is also rapidly building up its military forces, with Russia providing it with nuclear know-how and anti-missile batteries and China providing cruise missile technologies. These three nations are named as key nations in the alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38:4-6 to attack the modern nations of the ten tribes of “Israel” at the end of this age.
This alliance is rapidly taking shape in world geopolitics, confirming that the Creator who inspired the Bible is implementing his latter-day prophesies in our time exactly as he said he would! For some readers, the assertions about the modern nations of the tribes of “Israel” and the biblical “latter days” may be new concepts. These subjects are examined in detail in two publications available in the Articles link at this website. They are entitled: “Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days” and “What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III.”
The first link below contains the most recent article on modern geopolitics by J.R. Nyquist, available at It is heavy on financial information, but I’ve attached it as it not only mentions Russia’s new military aggressiveness, but it also broadly hints that “British Intelligence has detected Chinese preparations for a surprise attack against the US Navy.” Ezekiel 38 prophesies that a surprise attack by Russia, China, Iran and their allies against the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel (found in the modern Western world led by NATO) is a certainty. The plans for a surprise attack by China against the USA should surprise no one in the Western world because China’s attack plans for asymmetrical war have already been released by China’s military and published in an English-language book (Unrestricted Warfare–China’s Master Plan to Destroy America by Cols. Qiao Liang and Wang Xianqsui).
Given the obviously bellicose policies by Russia, China and Iran and their rapid military build-ups, you would expect that the leaders of the Western world would be moving to counter these actions with preparations of their own, right? If we had clear-headed, patriotic leaders like FDR and Churchill in World War II or Reagan and Thatcher in the Cold War, the West would be racing to meet the growing and inevitable military challenge from Russia, China, and Iran. However, we no longer have such leaders. The Western world has its collective head in the sand, and is disarming itself.
The second link below reports that the UK’s Labour Party is planning on a major reduction in the number of warships in the Royal Navy. If implemented, the British Navy will soon be incapable of mounting the kind of naval operation it did in the Falklands War in the 1980s. The US is also rapidly disarming in two ways. The first is in the rapid depletion of its military assets in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and the second way is in refusing to build sufficient new military assets to replace the worn-out or deactivated systems. These wars are wearing out army and marine corps personnel with repeated redeployments, and US military equipment on land, sea and air is wearing out prematurely due to prolonged wartime usage rates. Readers have, I assume, seen TV reports on thousands of military vehicles being either destroyed in the wars or made unusable due to the need for repairs and maintenance. So far, President Bush and the US Congress seem strangely unwilling to authorize the construction of new replacement vehicles and to repair the growing backlog of disabled vehicles. Congress is authorizing billions of dollars to build army vehicles to resist IED explosions, but these vehicles are being designed specifically for the guerrilla wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These new military vehicles would have minimal use in any large-scale war with the armored vehicles of Russia, China, Iran and their allies.
My local newspaper, the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader, today ran a very short item entitled “U.S. Dismantles Nukes at Fast Pace.” It stated that “The U.S. is scrapping unneeded nuclear warheads faster than forecast as it substantially reduces its atomic arsenal…”  Given the fact that the USA must now have sufficient nuclear weapons to deter an attack from Russia, China and Iran (not just Russia as the original SALT talks envisioned), it seems specious to assume that the already-reduced stockpile of American nuclear weapons includes any “unneeded” weapons.
You may also have seen reports that a US bomber flew from North Dakota to Texas or Oklahoma while transporting live nukes. One report indicated that the nuclear warheads were mounted on some of the USAF’s most modern cruise missiles which were being flown to an air base to be deactivated (a blog on this bizarre disarmament action by the USA can be found in the archives of this blog).  A previous blog has also documented that the USA is steadily reducing the number of its warships. I noticed an article in the June 23, 2007 Minneapolis Star-Tribune, that the USS Minneapolis-St. Paul, a Los Angeles class attack submarine, was being deactivated and sent to Hawaii to be turned into scrap metal. I’m sure readers realize the entire inventory of F-14 fighter aircraft was recently deactivated and the USAF’s Cheyenne Mountain NORAD Center, so crucial to the USA’s Cold War military preparations, is being dismantled.
The leaders of the US are, so far, implementing appeasement plans toward Russia, China and Iran in the manner of Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement plans toward Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Appeasement only encourages dictators to become more aggressive. Appeasement policies will hasten war, not avoid or delay it. Only military strength deters warfare. President Ronald Reagan understood this fact. Today’s Western leaders “don’t get it.”  This should be a huge issue in the USA’s Presidential election next year, but it is doubtful the contenders want to focus on anything but soundbites to pander to select groups of voters.
President Bill Clinton essentially cut the US military in half, based on the now obviously-wrong assumption that there was going to be some kind of endless peace with Russia and China. The current President George Bush has involved the US military in two wars in Asia without bothering to increase its size from the historically low peacetime levels instituted by President Clinton. Republicans must be wondering why George Bush, a Republican President, is now steadily disarming and weakening the US military. The UK is also disarming and the rest of Europe effectively disarmed years ago. The Western world is making itself an appealing target for Russia, China and Iran. The current policies of Western leaders are hastening the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38’s prophecy.