Today, the news media is revealing that a “powerful [cyber]-attack overwhelmed computers at US and South Korean government agencies for days.” The scope of this attack was vast. According to FOX News, it targeted the White House, the Pentagon, the NSA, Homeland Security and State departments, the NYSE and NASDAQ, etc. The attack was also focused against many major South Korean government agencies.

The report notes further that “the fact that the government Web sites were still being affected three days after it began signaled an unusually lengthy and sophisticated attack” was underway. The Treasury Department and Secret Service sites “were brought down” by the attack, the Department of Transportation was damaged for three days and the FTC site was shut down for two days.

This was likely the most extensive electronic attack against the USA to date. Who caused the attack? North Korea is an obvious possibility as it is angry at both South Korea and the USA over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. North Korean or “pro-Pyongyang forces” are cited as being suspected by South Korean intelligence forces. “Pro-Pyongyang forces” is code for Russia and Communist China. China has long been known to target US government computer systems as my previous blogs have documented from various media sources. China already has very sophisticated computer hacking operations established vs. the USA. It is doubtful that North Korea, a very backward nation in many respects, could do this attack by itself. Russia has also targeted Estonia and Georgia in sophisticated cyberattacks in the past so China and Russia are both strong suspects as the ones waging electronic warfare vs. the USA. The first link below reports that “The Kremlin denied involvement, but a group of independent Western computer experts traced domain names and Web site registration data to conclude that the Russian security and intelligence agencies were involved” (Emphasis added.)

The American media, of course, is far too busy saturating the air waves with coverage, ad nauseum, of the Michael Jackson death and funeral to inform the American people that someone is waging electronic warfare vs. the USA even now.

How well is the USA defending itself against such attacks? Apparently not very well. The second link reports that a US defensive software program is seven years in the making and has already cost $2 billion. However, the defensive program “doesn’t work” as it can’t prevent electronic attacks but can only alert people when an attack has occurred. Even this grossly-insufficient program isn’t expected to be fully ready for “eighteen months.”

One wonders at the dysfunctional efforts of the US Government. It apparently can’t protect even its own vital security interests. There is a possibility that Russia and China may have launched a jointly-coordinated electronic attack as a prelude to a much larger attack in the future that would electronically shut down the entire US economy and government. There has been much speculation about the devastation that would be done to American society and how many millions of deaths would be caused by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack vs. the USA by an missile or airplane. Maybe Russia and China are testing an ability to accomplish the same result via electronic hacking attacks. If they could disable America’s power grids, for example, via a cyberattack, they would have some plausible deniability in causing such an attack. An EMP attack vs. the USA would likely cause a nuclear response against Russia and China by the USA and the West, so Russia and China have a strong motivation to find a way to destroy the USA via an electronic attack.

The Bible prophesied millennia ago in Ezekiel 38-39 that an alliance of Russia, China, Iran, etc. would form and eventually attack the USA and the Western nations of the world at the end of this age. Modern events strongly confirm that God is shaping the destinies of nations to fulfill that prophecy. However, the nations of the West are seemingly oblivious to the extreme danger that is now facing them. They are ignorant of this threat because they abandoned God and the Bible long ago. At some point in a future year (I don’t “set dates”), they will wish they had listened to God and heeded his prophetic warnings. If you have any doubt about the application of the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy to modern America, I invite you to read the in-depth article entitled “The USA in Prophecy,” available at my home page. Or if you wish, I also invite you to listen to a half-hour message on this very subject I gave a few days ago to a local Evangelical Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (see last link below). Although it is an audio file, you will find it very “eye-opening.”,2933,530560,00.html,3566,530431,00.html