A reader sent me the first link from the San Francisco Chronicle (a newspaper I would not ordinarily read). It concerns the growing “Tenth Amendment” or “State Sovereignty” resolutions being introduced and passed in American states. As many readers realize, the US Constitution grants certain “enumerated powers” to the Federal government, but all other powers are reserved to the sovereignty of the individual states. The federal government has increasingly ignored the tenth amendment in expanding its federal powers into areas of American life where the US Constitution gives it no authority whatsoever.

The American states are starting to “push back” against the federal government and their legislatures are passing resolutions reminding the federal government that the states have the right to ignore federal legislation that affects areas of civic life not granted to the federal government’s jurisdiction. The first link notes that both conservative and liberal states are realizing the power granted to them in the tenth amendment over such liberal issues as medical marijuana and such conservative issues as gun ownership. I believe California is one liberal state with a medical marijuana law defying the federal government’s authority in this area, and Montana and Tennessee are cited as states defying federal restrictions on gun ownership issues. Arizona will vote next year on a tenth-amendment-inspired issue to allow the state to opt out of any national health care program. Other states are considering legislation allowing their governors to order their National Guard troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan (this would remove them from federal control).

The second link, from FOX News, gives state governors and legislators lots of support in challenging the powers of the federal government. A recent poll reveals an amazing “66 percent of voters… say they are angry at the policies of the federal government, including 36 percent who counted themselves as very angry.” That’s a landslide in any poll, folks! The poll also reveals that Independent voters [I count myself as one as I am a registered Independent voter] are moving much closer to the views of Republican voters in their attitude toward the federal government, which bodes ill for Democrats in the 2010 mid-term elections. This puts President Obama between a rock and hard place. The radical left of his party wants him to push hard to implement as much radical legislation as quickly as possible while Democrats have large majorities in Congress. However, the more Obama pushes for radical left-wing legislation, the angrier the American voters become at Obama and the Democrats and the more likely the voters are to elect more Republicans to Congress in 2010.

Governor Perry of Texas makes a particularly strong pitch for the tenth amendment movement in the YouTube video in the third link below. However, before you get all excited about Governor Perry, I found the 4th link below (a short You Tube video) which reports that Governor Perry of Texas was among the exclusive list of politicians invited to the recent Bilderberger Meeting. Governor Perry’s topic at the Bilderberger meeting was relationships between the federal government and the American states. In other words, Governor Perry was at the Bilderberger Meeting to discuss the growing tenth amendment movement among the US states. This begs the question: Was Governor Perry there to simply brief the Bilderbergers about the tenth amendment movement or was he there to be groomed as a new leader of the tenth amendment movement in order to co-opt the movement in behalf of the Bilderbergers? I volunteer no answer to this question. You can decide for yourself what your thoughts are, but I ask you consider the last link below in formulating your viewpoint. It reports that Governor Perry is pushing hard to shove the globalist agenda down the throats of Texas voters in building the Texas portion of the NAFTA Superhighway, a project that would rip up much land through the middle of the United States to bind the USA, Mexico and Canada together as a single economic entity. There is a valuable secular axiom which says “actions speak louder than words.” The biblical equivalent is “…by their fruits you shall know them” (Matthew 7:20). Governor Perry’s words are pro-tenth amendment, but his deeds reveal a strong loyalty to a globalist agenda.

If you live anywhere in the middle portion of the nation, you should check the last link as it include a map of the routes this NAFTA Superhighway is projected to take through the USA. I noticed one spur of it is planned to go through my city (Sioux Falls, SD). I suggest you check out the map and see if the globalists plan to build this mega-project through your city. Reports I read on this subject last year indicate that Kansas City is intended to be the big transshipment hub for this globalist mega-project. The Bilderbergers are a key part of the leadership of the globalist system called “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 17 and 18 (see especially 18:2-4). Revelation 17:9-16 prophesies this globalist system will collapse in the latter days, overthrown by a global alliance of “seven heads and ten horns,” about which I’ve spoken in previous blogs. Since God has decreed this outcome, it will happen. However, we don’t know what year this event will occur. Babylon the Great’s system may fall before it ever gets its NAFTA Superhighway built. Time will tell.