A staff member at the US Naval War College has issued a warning that the USA’s Pacific naval bases are as vulnerable to Chinese attack today as they were to Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor in 1941. It is especially appropriate to post this warning on the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.
He particularly notes that the US bases in Japan are particularly vulnerable to Chinese attacks by cruise or ballistic missiles due to China’s proximity to Japan. However, I’d like to note that the danger may be much greater than this Naval War College staffer states. If Chinese warplanes or submarines launch cruise missiles at more remote Hawaiian naval bases in Guam or Pearl Harbor itself (after approaching to launch range to those bases), then those bases are just as vulnerable to a first strike attack as any base in Japan. Indeed, what is to prevent a Chinese submarines equipped with cruise missiles in a future year to surface off San Diego and Bremerton and fire those missiles at US naval bases in their American ports at the same time they fired missiles at the USA’s Pacific bases?
One does wonder what precautions the US Defense Department has made to protect these American naval and airbases from a Chinese surprise attack. The DoD would have to be horribly neglectful to have not prepared on-site defenses to face such possible attacks. If Patriot anti-missile defenses are not continually active at these bases and if harbored naval warships do not have their Aegis long-range and Phalanx point-defense defensive systems active at all times, then a Chinese attack could catch the American military as flat-footed as happened at Pearl Harbor.
Ezekiel 38:8-16 warns that just such a surprise attack will be launched against the nations/forces of the modern nation of the house of Israel (the ten tribes of Israel—not “Judah” which is the Israeli nation). Verse 16 specifically states that this massive surprise attack will occur “in the latter days” (the exact same prophetic time period which is mentioned in many other age-ending prophecies in the Bible)—the end of our age just prior to the return of Jesus Christ. Some think that the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy applies to the same time period as the Gog-Magog attack mentioned in Revelation 20:8-10, but the Bible gives these two prophesied Gog-Magog attacks very different time contexts so they have to be different attacks. Revelation 20 states that that particular attack occurs at the very end of the millennium. However, the Ezekiel 38 attack is prophesied to occur in the “latter days”—a prophetic time period for the “latter days” (the ending portion) of our current age before the millennium has begun. This fact makes the warning from the Naval War College staffer very apt. For more specific information about the biblical differences between the Ezekiel 38 and the Revelation 20 attacks by a Gog-Magog alliance, please read my free article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III.