The first link below reports that the US Government owes China much more money than has been previously reported. Indeed, it owes China 30% more than anyone previously realized, for the reason explained in the link.

Notice that the debt totals reported are for “US Treasury Securities” only. That means the size of the US debt to China does not include debt owed to China for debts issued by such agencies as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, etc. If those debts were added to the total, the debt owed to the Chinese by the US Government is even more astronomical! That this debt is owed to a nation acting ever-more like an enemy in its military build-up aimed at US military capabilities is especially worrisome. It begs the question of how our American leaders could have been so dumb to get themselves into such a disadvantageous position. Being so far in debt to a nation that wants to replace the USA as the globe’s dominant superpower (or defeat it in war) is very risky to the national security of the USA.

As readers of this blog know, Ezekiel 38-39 warn that Russia, China, Iran and their allies will eventually attack the USA and its global allies at the end of this age. Ezekiel 38:12-13 reveals that the strategic objective of the Gog-Magog attack will be to seize control of the hard assets of the USA and its western allies (cattle, goods, gold, silver, etc.). Given the fact that the US debt to China is already unpayable by any means other than hyperinflation, one could even suggest that the eventual Gog-Magog attack against the USA may even be a “foreclosure raid” to seize the wealth of the USA as “collateral” for all paper debts that the USA will never pay back. Whatever the motivation, the Bible assures us that this attack is certain to occur in the future. Clearly, China is preparing feverishly to build new weapons systems to enable it to win a war vs. America. Its intent is clear, but the leaders of America still appear to be living in denial about this fact.

There are a number of rumors on the internet that the US Government has given to China Eminent Domain rights in the USA to seize property to pay off the US debt to China (readers are sending me some of these reports). One such more-credible report is included in the second link below. For balance, I have enclosed a report as the third link which says this rumor is false. I’m reserving judgment on this rumor. Proverbs 22:7 states the inexorable financial law that “the borrower is servant to the lender.” The USA is increasingly a deadbeat debtor to China, and this means the USA is steadily losing control over its own national and financial destiny due to its unpayable debts. Such an action would be unconstitutional, but then there are many indications that the US government pays little heed to the Constitution already. Also, as anyone who checks out the “real” inflation and unemployment rates in the USA at (as opposed to the “official” statistics reported by the government), it is evident that the US government has no intention of telling the truth about the real inflation rate and unemployment rates to the American people. That also is worrisome because who knows what private backroom deals are being done between the USA and China that the American people are not being told about?

As many leading voices have stated, the current debt situation of the US Government is “unsustainable.” A major crisis is inevitable when the time comes “to pay the piper.” I hope that you are implementing some of the suggestions in my article, Should Christians Prepare for Coming Hard Times?, available at the Articles link at this website. Biblical prophecies assure us that hard times are coming. What we don’t know is how much longer people will be granted the time to make reasonable preparations for those times.