The US recently established a second drone base in the very remote nation of Niger in Saharan Africa (first link). Many Americans, who are taught so little about geography in school, may never have heard of it. It is just north of Nigeria and this new drone base is located in the remote Agadez region of Niger. This item received almost no meaningful media coverage, but there is a very important purpose to it and it also begs an important question (which I’ll ask later in this post).

The second link reports that, months ago in 2014, the US dispatched 80 troops to this region to help look for the approximately 200 girls that were kidnapped by Boko Haram in northern Nigeria. There have been no reports that the USA has had any success in locating them yet. Boko Haram is another of the malignant strains of radical Islam, along with ISIL/ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Shabab, etc., and there is now a report that the Boko Haram terrorists have copied a page from the ISIL/ISIS playbook of terror in beheading a captured Nigerian pilot (third link).

Why is this worth posting about to readers of this blog? Americans and the globe’s population likely have no concept of how vast a network of secretive drone bases are being operated by the US military and the CIA. The fourth link reports that the USA has at least 60 drone bases overseas that are known, and no one knows how many are being operated by the CIA or Pentagon without anyone being aware of them. The fifth link reports claims that there are over 60 secret drone bases on American soil as well and it gives a map of their locations (take a look and see if there is one near where you live!). Why does the USA have approximately as many drone bases within the USA as in all foreign nations put together? Hmm. Conspiracy theorists may be forgiven if they see a nefarious purpose that has not been disclosed. These bases are certainly not being used to secure the American borders. With so many drones and drone bases, the US could easily be monitoring the entire US southern border on a 24/7 basis to halt illegal immigration. However, the Obama administration (and the previous Bush administration that preceded it) obviously have/had no will to do so.

The last link estimates the US drone fleet had grown to 7,500 drones in the 2010/2011 time frame. At the rate of rapid growth in the drone force, there could be over 10,000 now. The estimate of 7,500 drones was for the number of drones operated by the Pentagon. Who knows how many drones are being operated by the CIA? Sometimes we are made aware of US drone strikes by the Pentagon or by the CIA in such places as Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, etc. I’ve seen media reports that the US is using drones to reconnoiter or attack ISIL forces in Iraq and Syria. That would be logical and appropriate. To the drone operators who are managing drones that attack ISIL and other terrorist madmen, I can only say, “Go get ’em!”

The US drone fleet and the network of bases (known and unknown) is now so vast that it may be possible for the USA to create a global, interlocking spy network that is integrated with spy satellites, NSA intercepts, etc. We may reach the point where nothing moves on earth without the CIA or the Pentagon knowing about it.

I had a cynical thought while preparing this post. The Obama administration is facing a likely political defeat in the US congressional elections and it desperately needs some kind of  “October Surprise” to rally voters to vote for Democrats to retain a Democratic Senate. What could that be? One possibility is that those drones and 80 US servicemen looking for the Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram may already know where many of them are and they are delaying their rescue until just prior to the election to help the Obama administration and the Democrats. With the US capable of filling the skies with drones over northern Nigeria and the NSA listening to all “chatter” in the region, how could they not know? Again, I admit that was a cynical thought. I hope this doesn’t prove to be the case.

What can be known is that Revelation 13:11-18 predicts that a coming “beast” system will have the power to monitor and control all global financial transactions in the latter days just prior to Jesus Christ’s return.  Why wouldn’t the beast power also have interlocking control over all that is moving on the earth via drone/satellite reconnaissance and complete monitoring of all electronic communications via the NSA? It appears that we are nearing the point where this is now possible technologically. This begs another question: Will the beast be an American president or a new global leader who assumes power over the American assets when he assumes leadership of a global government? We’ll have to wait and see. Before readers think the beast system will be all-powerful, I urge you to consider the impact the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 will have on the beast system’s plans. Revelation 11 prophesies the Two Witnesses will be archenemies of the beast system and will be able to plague it (or anything or anyone else) “as often as they wish.” A future post will examine the Two Witnesses more closely, but verses 3-11 show the Two Witnesses will anger and plague the beast leaders and system so terribly that the beast will finally kill the Two Witnesses after their 1,260-day ministry concludes. Until they are slain, the Two Witnesses will be Divinely protected and invulnerable to all the exotic weaponry the beast can throw at them. Indeed, Revelation 16:10 prophesies the beast leader will be weak before some other power in the latter days that the beast leader and his kingdom will “gnaw their tongues for pain.” Who might that “other power” be that can attack the beast power so successfully? The Two Witness minister for 1,260 days, almost simultaneous with the beast leader’s 42 months of allowed rule (Revelation 13: 1-5).  My bet is that the Two Witnesses are the power that besets the beast power with such plagues.

I wonder how proactive the Two Witnesses might be in their plagues. Let’s speculate. Perhaps they could announce that unless the NSA and all other global spy agencies dump all their data on innocent civilians, they will be plagued with a horrific plague (Ebola, paralysis, tertiary syphilis or some other unbearable affliction)? What if they order the US and all other global governments to stop spraying chem trails and confess their purpose, who was involved in the chem trail plot and then imprison them until Christ returns or receive a new, horrific plague from the Two Witnesses? Will the Two Witnesses order global governments to pass certain pieces of legislation whether they want to do so or not? When it comes to what they can do, Revelation 11: 6 states their powers will be unlimited and unstoppable for the duration of their ministry. Obviously, they will be protecting Christians wherever they are on the globe. The Two Witnesses may be given a few “legions of angels” to implement anything they order or assess on the globe during their ministry. Revelation 11:6 basically states “the sky is the limit” concerning their powers. The US and other governments are close to creating a global, interlocking intelligence network to monitor everyone and everything. However, the Two Witnesses will have Divine powers to wield and likely as many angels as they want to administer whatever they want to do. The Two Witnesses will have vastly greater power than the beast system.

If Revelation 11 is going to be fulfill literally, and I believe it will be, it’s going to get very interesting in future years. Everyone on earth will have to make a decision: Are you with God and the Two Witnesses or the Satanically-inspired beast system and the false prophet associated with the beast leader? There will be no neutral ground. You will have to decide at some point.