It turns out that the national security situation for the USA is worse than we realized. Two recent reports reveal just how bad the situation has become.

At a time when Russia is “resurgent,” Iran is building nuclear weapons, North Korea is “bellicose” and China is building a large nuclear weapons inventory, the USA, under President Obama, has been seriously neglecting its nuclear forces (see first link). The first link offers a grim assessment of how badly the US nuclear forces have deteriorated in recent years. However, to get this bad, the period of deterioration has to include more than just the Obama presidency. It is now evident that morale is dreadful in the USAF’s nuclear missile silos and command structure, and that immediate action is needed to rectify the situation. The link states, “the nuclear force is suffering from years of neglect [and] mismanagement.” Things have gotten so bad “at the top” that some are even foolishly wondering whether to even keep US Minutemen missiles on active duty. The USA urgently needs to maintain all three elements of its historic “triad” of nuclear deterrent forces: land-based, sea-based and air-borne nuclear-deliverable weapons. One expert is cited in the link as wondering if a land-based missile would even “take off” it was commanded to do so. All Americans should ask: How did our leaders neglect our defense forces so badly and do such a horrible job of managing and maintaining our critical nuclear forces?

The second link and third link, I think, answer that question. They report that three of Obama’s former Secretaries of Defense have criticized Obama for his defense policies and (in the words of the link’s author) “that he might be riskily mismanaging our national security.” It paints an alarming picture that Obama’s inner circle of White House advisers (who lack military skills) “run things [and the] Pentagon expertise be damned.” The second link cites the following as specific urgent needs: (A) that the White House realize military forces need to be increased, not downsized, and (B) that Obama realize ISIS forces in the Mideast will not be defeated with “‘no boots on the ground. ” Former Secretary Gates is cited as agreeing “that cutting the military the way we are right now is a huge, huge mistake.” I couldn’t agree more.

Previous articles I’ve seen have reported that Obama wants to cut the army to pre-World War II levels, mothball the critically-vital A-10 “Warthogs” which are necessary for proper air support for ground forces, etc. The A-10s, if unleashed on ISIL/ISIS armored columns in the occupied areas of Syria and Iraq, would make short work of them. Why hasn’t the US used its best weapon against ISIL columns? Is it because the Obama administration is too stubborn to admit is wrong in its plans and doesn’t want to allow the A-10 to demonstrate how effective it is and how vital it is to US national security?

The mismanagement of US military forces under President Obama is breathtaking. However, what do you expect when a president is elected who has no military experience, knowledge or skills? Indeed, did Obama even know how to properly sight in a BB gun when he took office? Obama’s ignorance of US military matters and military terminology was so great that he once referred to a “navy corpsman” (a medic) as a “corpseman” when the correct pronunciation is (phonetically speaking) a “core-man.” No wonder military morale is so bad. Obama is unquestionably, in my opinion, the most unqualified person to be commander-in-chief who has ever occupied the Oval Office.

Obama has another two years in office to continue to dishearten the troops and screw up the military. God help the USA. We badly need it. Would that we had a Ronald Reagan-type president to clean up the mess Obama has made of the US military and our national security situation.

There is a glaringly-obvious reality in world geopolitics: the Gog-Magog alliance of Russia, China and Iran grows steadily stronger while the western alliance led by the USA and NATO grows steadily weaker. I fear that at some point in the future, the weakness of the western alliance will become so glaring that the Gog-Magog alliance will think they can defeat the West with a sudden, surprise attack–which is exactly what Ezekiel 38-39 prophesies. For more on how this biblical prophecy foretells the future as it will unfold before our eyes, please read my article: What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III. I wish I had some good news to pass on, but trends indicate that events are accelerating toward a situation where Ezekiel 38-39 will be fulfilled. Please remember that I do not predict a year when this event will be fulfilled. It is clear from the prophecy’s context that it will be fulfilled at the very end of our age when Divine intervention cuts short World War III and saves the human race from destroying itself (Matthew 24:22).