The news in the first link ought to disgust every American. The US Navy has lost a top-of-the-line nuclear submarine as it cannot afford to repair the sabotaged ship due to the sequestration cuts to the US budget. The Navy had to make the difficult decision to give up on the repairs as the costs would be so high that “dozens” of other Navy ships would not be able to undergo normal maintenance upgrades.
What is so disgusting is that a criminal set fire to the submarine while it was in dry-dock for repairs. He only received a 17-year prison sentence. Why didn’t he get life imprisonment? In wartime, he’d have been executed. What is unanswered is was he acting alone as a madman or did he do it in behalf of a foreign power that intends to weaken American military strength by any means possible? This also highlights the critical need for the military to intensify security background checks of all civilian workers on all US military systems.
This event also shows how asinine the sequestration process in Congress really is. Critical national security assets can’t be repaired because the across-the-board cuts do not differentiate between critical national needs and programs or government functions that should be dropped entirely to save money more wisely.
My candidate for a government program that could be entirely eliminated is the Department of Education. Where in the Constitution does it give the federal government the responsibility to educate all children in the states? This isn’t among the enumerated powers of the federal government so it should be left to the states to educate their own children. This is how it used to be done for most of America’s history. Now that we have a federal department of education, we have millions of “graduates” who cannot find all nations, the 50 American states and all major global and American cities on a map. So many modern “graduates” cannot even calculate the change for simple retail transactions in their heads. When I went to elementary school (when the states were responsible for educating children), we were expected to be able to make change in our heads in the fourth grade. I don’t know about everyone else, but I could do the above map findings easily by the eighth grade. The US Department of Education has also been a vehicle for indoctrinating children with evolutionary fantasies and other politically-correct agendas that steadily weaken the nation. If states were again responsible for teaching their own children, the Peoples Republics of Massachusetts and California could continue to teach children that all incomprehensibly complex lifeforms evolved randomly into all modern species despite all the laws of the Universe, and Utah and Alabama could teach Creationism (see second link for Americans’ polled views on evolution). I’ll bet all readers could think of other federal programs that could be eliminated to the benefit of the entire nation.
If many non-Constitutional functions of the federal government were eliminated, that needed submarine could have been repaired. Someday, it will be sorely missed, as Ezekiel 38-39 prophesies (see my article [PDF] on the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy for an in-depth analysis of that key “latter day” prophecy).