This headline is based not on some late-night radio program, but rather on an article published recently by the very mainstream, USA Today. The print version of the article as entitled “‘Star Wars’ becoming real.”

The article has some remarkable revelations about where US war-fighting strategy and capabilities are heading. Advances in laser technology have already made it possible to “shoot down incoming mortar rounds with ground-based lasers,” and to “shoot down SCUD missiles” in flight. It also reveals that the US military is “on the verge of being able to fire laser blasts from the air that could be aimed at tanks or mines.” I find it very interesting to read in the article that weaker US laser programs could shoot down very-fast sidewinder missiles as long ago as the 1980s. Given the advances in technology in the over two decades since that feat was accomplished, it is my view that US lasers can do a lot more than merely shoot down incoming SCUD missiles (which really isn’t much of an improvement on shooting down sidewinders in the 1980s). There is no doubt in my mind that the actual technological capability of the US to use lasers as weapons is much more advanced than is being admitted publicly. Given that lasers can be used by the US military to shoot down mortar rounds in flight, I’d bet that the Israelis have been developing and deploying the same kinds of laser technologies to defend against Hezbollah missiles and mortar rounds fired from Southern Lebanon.

The US Navy is also developing its own form of laser weapons. Given the threat to US aircraft carriers posed by Russian and Chinese supersonic cruise missiles and ballistic missiles (discussed in previous blogs at this site), I believe the US Navy is trying to develop lasers which can serve as point-defense systems to defend US carriers and other ships from these threats. Let’s hope that they are succeeding.

Other rival nations are developing lasers for military purposes as well. The article notes that China “illuminated a US imaging satellite with a laser” in one test. One expert is cited as thinking the Chinese were simply determining the exact distance of the US satellite from the earth. In a future war, China would use such knowledge to focus its attacks very precisely on US satellites.

The future level of military laser technology may play a role in fulfilling several biblical prophecies. The article notes that the laser beam is like an “invisible death ray.” An invisible weapon could be used to fulfill several biblical prophecies. II Thessalonians 2:9 prophesies that some “miracles” done by the beast power in the future will actually be “lying wonders” that are not really miracles at all. Revelation 13:13 foretells that the beast power will do “great wonders” in which it will “make fire come down from heaven on the earth.” An invisible laser beam fired from a distant airplane (or satellite if the technology is that good) could be focused on some target on the earth and it would cause that object to burn without any visible cause–making it seem like a “miracle” to all who witnessed it. Conceivably, this laser technology could be coupled to GPS technology and an invisible laser could strike any military or civilian target anywhere on earth.

Another possible prophetic fulfillment is found in Ezekiel 39:3 which prophesies that many “arrows” fired by the Gog-Magog forces at the alliance headed by the modern ten tribes of Israel (NATO and the western allies) in the latter days will not work or will be knocked out of the shooter’s hands. Arrows were the long-distance “missiles” of the ancient world, and applying this prophecy to modern weaponry would mean that many long-range missiles fired by the Gog-Magog forces will be nullified or shot down. God could certainly fulfill this prophecy by Divine fiat, but he also often works through human instruments to fulfill his will. The laser weaponry now being developed and deployed by the US military might fulfill Ezekiel 39:3 by using lasers to shoot down many of the enemy missiles fired at the USA and its allies at the end of this age.