It is well known that US-Israeli relations are at a low point. Fueling this dismal state of affairs was Obama’s harsh personal denunciation of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu when he was caught talking with the former French leader on a “live” mike that he thought was off and Obama’s consistently anti-Israeli policies. Now, as these links confirm, things have gotten even worse. In the first link, it reviews the fact that American Secretary of State John Kerry has indicated that if the Israelis don’t yield (i.e. “surrender”) to Palestinian demands, there could be a Third Intifada and/or an international boycott. That can easily be seen as an incitement to cause Palestinian violence. Those statements are disturbingly one-sided for a diplomat and are very anti-Israeli. One can only assume that his harsh line against Israel was approved by President Obama, his boss. Many past presidents would have fired Kerry on the spot for such comments.

The Israelis have noticed the anti-Israeli stance of the Obama administration and some have responded with pushback. The first link reports that a group of observant rabbis in Israel have threatened Secretary Kerry with “Divine wrath” for Kerry’s threats vs. Israel which are described as being “a declaration of war against the Creator and the Ruler of the Universe” for trying to take land away from the Jews which was promised to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In all honesty, Zephaniah 2:1-8 includes God’s prophecy (and promise) that “Judah” (the Jews/Israelis) will have a nation in the old Promised Land in the end of our age and that God views with disfavor those who try to “magnify themselves against their [the Israeli] border” in the end time. The Palestinians are endlessly “magnifying themselves against Israeli borders.” God also says in Zechariah 12:1-3 that he will guarantee his protection for “Judah” (the Jews/Israelis) in the latter days even if the rest of the world opposes them.

The second link is about a single instance at an American airport, but it may reveal much about what is transpiring behind the scenes. A liberal Jewish authoress was reading an issue of the “Jewish Press” and federal security agents singled her out for special examination and questioning. This reportedly occurred at the same time that a woman in very-restrictive Islamic garb was allowed to go through security lines unbothered at all. Given that we have heard so many protestations over the years from the federal government that it shouldn’t “profile” Moslems or others as possible terrorists, this incident, if confirmed, indicates that the federal government is now profiling Jews at airport boarding gates in at least some airports. What other conclusion can you come up with to explain the fact that this Jewish lady was called over for extra questioning only after she pulled out a publication that identified her as Jew? Why would the federal airport security staff have done this unless they had received orders “from higher up” to profile Jews and hassle them?

Biblically, the Obama administration is already in open rebellion against the Creator God’s biblical laws on sexuality in its vigorous support of homosexual marriages. Now this airport profiling incident argues the Obama administration is getting even harsher in its anti-Jewish stances. I’m sure Sec. Kerry does not realize that he is opposing God’s will as stated in Zephaniah 2’s prophecy cited above.

Politically, Obama may be playing with political fire. The Democratic Party usually receives the majority of Jewish votes and donations in each election cycle. The Obama administration’s growing anti-Israeli policies and its hassling a prominent liberal Jewess at an airport can only serve to drive Jewish support into the hands of the Republicans in this year’s elections. The incident at the airport is most troubling. It evidently reveals that the Obama administration’s anti-Jewish attitudes may run far deeper than anyone realizes. This is fraught with great political danger for Obama. The American people and the US Congress are overwhelmingly pro-Israeli/pro-Jewish. The more the pro-Israeli American nation sees Obama as anti-Jewish, the more the Obama administration will lose the support of American voters.