Previously I blogged about a war being fought between the Saudi Arabian military and an Iranian-backed Yemeni rebel force. This war has not only continued, but it has expanded. Interestingly, news of this war seems to have been all but blacked-out in the main American media.

The first link below (from reports that Egypt and the USA are being drawn into a naval confrontation with an expanding fleet of Iranian ships off Yemen’s coast. The USA has deemed this conflict important enough to send one of its top-of-the-line Aegis Cruisers to the region. In response, the Iranian navy is sending a new class of midget submarines to join four Iranian warships which now confront the American and allied naval ships in the region. Presumably, these midget subs will have to be transported to the region by an Iranian transport ship. The article states that Iran claims their new midget subs are “silent enough to elude the most advanced US radar.” That statement leaves me a bit confused as radar detects vessels on the surface. Sonar and other detection systems detect submarines traveling submerged (as the midget subs would surely be doing if they actually attacked American or western ships). Iran’s boasting about the abilities of their midget subs also needs to be taken with a grain of salt. If they really are highly-sophisticated in their technology, I’ll bet Russia and China (Iran’s allies) helped the Iranians build them. Egypt’s role is not explained in the article, but Egypt (like Yemen) is also located on the Red Sea so what happens in this naval confrontation affects the access of all ships to Egypt’s Suez Canal. If a war breaks out over Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities, Iran’s midget subs might attack civilian ships heading to or from the Suez Canal, and greatly harm Egypt’s interests. Could one of these Iranian midget subs be carried to the Suez Canal itself and damage or shut down the Suez Canal? The second link simply confirms that the Debka story has been picked up by other websites. You can find other websites and blogsites which are also commenting on this growing confrontation via a websearch.

Meanwhile, on the Yemeni-Saudi border, the ground war already in progress has grown hotter. The third link reports that the Saudi army is having trouble defeating the Iranian-backed Yemenite forces even though Saudi ground and air forces have been pounding the Iranian proxy force. Jordan is reported to have sent 2,000 of its special forces troops to assist the Saudis in their war with the Iranian proxy force. The Jordanian forces have already suffered dead and wounded as they fight alongside the Saudi forces. The Iranian-backed troops are said to be using “thousands of explosive devices” to blow up attacking Saudi and Jordanian forces. This sounds just like the explosive devices used against American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia on the Saudi border and the new involvement of the Jordanian army in this conflict makes it ever-more likely that the Sunni Moslem governments of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt will assist whoever attacks the nuclear facilities of Shiite Moslem Iran. The governments of the Arab Sunni nations surely must realize by now that Iran intends to overthrow the Sunni Moslem governments and replace them with pro-Iranian proxies.

A recent blog also reported that the intelligence leaders of the USA, Israel, Jordan and Egypt met in Jordan and the Saudi and French were quickly briefed by the participants re: the content of that meeting. You can be sure the growing “hot” war supported by Iran on the Saudi southern border was discussed at that meeting. This expanding “hot” war on the Saudi southern border also makes a “hot” war on the Saudi northern border with Iran (across the Persian Gulf) more possible.

A previous article of mine entitled “A new Look at Prophecy” (available by clicking on the articles link at the homepage) examined how the two previous Gulf Wars could have fulfilled the prophecy in Daniel 11:40-43. However, we must be open-minded enough to consider that another large war throughout the Mideast could erupt when/if an attack occurs against the Iranian nuclear facilities. Since Iran has openly stated their intention to “wipe Israel off the map” and Iran’s nuclear program has been found to be more extensive than was previously realized, one does wonder how long the Israelis can put off a decision to strike. Once it starts, it could quickly involve the Iranian landmass, the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea approaches to the Suez Canal and also the territory of Israel and Lebanon in a new Hezbollah-Israeli conflict. Americans and Europeans may not be mere spectators watching the war on FOX News and CNN. If such a war erupts and Iranian-backed Hezbollah “sleeper cells” are activated in the USA and Europe, this war could include soft targets on the soil of western nations being attacked. Iranian “hacker” attacks could also attempt to shut down American electric plants and other critical infrastructure targets.  Let’s hope this does not occur, but the potential exists for this to become a much wider war than typical Americans expect if it does erupt. The above is all very consistent with the alliances prophesied in Ezekiel 38 to be in place during the latter days.