The US House of Representatives voted a few days ago to have a federal investigative agency conduct a “top-to-bottom” audit of the US Federal Reserve Board (see first link). The vote passed with many Democrats joining Republicans to vote for the bill. The bill is expected to die a quiet death in the US Senate, where it seems to me that Sen. Harry Reid makes sure that any legislation that makes sense doesn’t even get a vote. There are more perspectives on the bill in the second link and third link.

However, the overwhelming vote in the House, with many Democrats supporting it, may cause some Democrats, especially those in troubled re-election campaigns, to vote for the audit bill if they are given a chance to do so. If the Senate switches to GOP domination after the November elections in the USA, such bills will finally come up for votes in the US Senate. Many bills, now blocked by Sen. Reid, could be passed and then sent to the White House to face a possible veto by President Obama. It is worth noting though that the US House already passed the “audit the Fed” bill by a more than 2/3rds majority, which is a veto-proof majority.

The Federal Reserve Board and all its affiliated Big Banking institutions are likely terrified at the thought of such an audit occurring. The Fed has made many statements and reports to the public, but no one has ever audited the Fed to know if it is telling the truth on any of its statements or its action. Such a audit is badly needed. If the US Senate goes Republican and this bill passes the Congress and goes to the White House, there will be tremendous pressure on both sides of the issue on President Obama. If such an audit took place, it could shake the very foundations of the entire US banking and lending industries. Its effects would ripple through the world economy because the US dollar is still the global reserve currency.

We know from the prophecy in Revelation 17-18 that the current global banking/monetary/commercial system will collapse at some point in the latter day sequence of events and be replaced by the final “beast” system. I have written many posts on the possible triggers that could cause this prophecy to be fulfilled. An audit of the Fed which revealed widespread corruption and manipulations of global financial and commodity markets is one more possible trigger for a collapse of confidence in the US Fed and the US dollar that could cause a sudden end to the US dollar’s role as the global reserve currency and the elimination of the US Federal Reserve Board altogether.

If such an audit bill ever becomes law in the USA, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a sudden demand for shredders in all Federal Reserve Board offices and that many of its emails would “disappear” in the same fashion that the emails of US IRS official, Lois Lerner, also mysteriously “disappeared.”

For an in-depth historical view of why the modern global system of global banking and commerce is called “Babylon the Great” in biblical prophecy, please read my article, The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System. I think you will find it eye-opening and that it will provide you with information about the origins of the banking system that you will never read in any economics textbook.