After the 1991 war, there was a mysterious ailment called “Gulf War Syndrome” which affected many returning US vets who served in that war. The journal, Neuroepidemiology, has just identified the source of the Gulf War Syndrome as sarin gas poisoning. The source of the sarin poisoning was an air raid on Iraqi munitions locations which were storing sarin gas. The released sarin gas drifted in a cloud downwind and settled on US soldiers in Saudi Arabia, affecting approximately 250,000 soldiers!
The US military at the time ignored the fact that US, Czech and French detection systems all sounded the alarms that chemical weapons were present. The alarms were all dismissed as false positives. This link even cites that satellite images clearly show the yellowish sarin gas plume in the air at the time. The US Veterans Administration did not choose to comment on this report. That is unsurprising because, if I recall correctly, the VA denied many Gulf War Syndrome afflictions as war-related. Now the evidence is clear. This revelation could dramatically increase the VA’s costs of caring for vets with Gulf War Syndrome.
I’m pointing this out at this time as there are many voices now clamoring for NATO or the US to attack Assad’s Syrian regime forces with air raids. Syria is reportedly in possession of large stocks of both chemical and bacteriological weapons. If air raids were to release those warhead’s contents into the air, everyone downwind of the attack sites would be in jeopardy of chemical or bacteriological poisoning, as were the US soldiers in 1991. I assume that besides the Syrian population, Jordanians and Saudis would be endangered by any such poison gas cloud. It also complicates matters for the Israelis. Some reports indicate that Hezbollah has chemical weapons in their missile warheads now located in Southern Lebanon. When/if a Hezbollah-Israeli war erupts, if Israeli warplanes bomb Hezbollah missiles with chemical warheads, the poison plumes could spread downwind into northern Israeli regions as well as into the Palestinian West Bank and Jordan.
There is no specific biblical prophecy to which this report can be linked, but I thought readers would like to know about this important revelation and the fact that a similar result could now occur if Syrian or Hezbollah chemical munitions sites are bombed by NATO, the Israelis or the USA.
Modern warfare can now have some very serious unintended consequences. How many civilians in Mideast nations have gas masks to protect them from such a danger as this?