With all the media coverage of the NSA’s spying on both Americans and foreigners to, apparently, the maximum extent possible under current technology, here is one more item for your consideration. The US government now wants major internet providers to surrender your personal account passwords to the government (presumably the NSA) to make it much easier to spy on you directly.
Just think about what personal information you have on your computer which the NSA will be able to snoop on if your passwords are given to the NSA by all the internet providers (banks, investment firms, brokerages, medical facilities, employer data bases, personal files and folders, emails, etc.) with which you do business. We are entering the era of “Big Brother” without any question. Personal privacy is dying, if it is not already dead. This massive spying on Americans began in the Bush administration (if not earlier) via the Patriot Act, but it is the Obama administration that wants to spy on everyone…everywhere. Given the revelations provided by Edward Snowden that the USA is massively spying on foreigners as well, the first link likely applies to you whether you are an American or not.
The biblical ramifications are obvious. Revelation 13:11-18 reveals an evil “beast” authority will assume global power and it will have the ability to maintain surveillance over all global financial transactions. This ability is now being put into place by the NSA’s metamining data surveillance actions all over the globe. It is this prophecy which contains the famous “6-6-6” warning about the “mark of the beast.” There have been many suggestions in recent decades regarding what this “mark of the beast” may be. Add one more possibility. Perhaps everyone on earth will be given by the beast system a new and unique global citizen number which will contain three sequences of six numbers. The apostle John told us in Revelation 13:18 to “count” the number six three times to identify the mark of the beast. Could it be this simple? We’ll wait and see.
In case you think that only the NSA is spying on everything you do, think again! The second link details something few Americans have realized: that corporate America is pervasively spying on everyone as well.
The third link is an editorial from the USA Today on 7-26-2013. It discusses the fact that the US House of Representatives came very close to de-authorizing the NSA’s massive and apparently unlimited spying activities. I agree with the editorial that this unlimited and unrestrained NSA spying needs to be stopped. I do not have any problem with metadata spying on known terrorists, but the massive and invasive electronic spying on innocent and unaccused US citizens should be stopped as it violates the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution (a conclusion I think any reasonable person would also reach). I contacted my state’s Congresswoman, Kristi Noem (R-SD), to find out which side of this vote she voted on. I was very disappointed to learn that she voted with “the bad guys” who want to continue to allow the massive spying operations on you…me…and everyone…everywhere. I urge you to, if you are American, to contact your Congressional delegation to put pressure on them to end the endless NSA spying operation.
The arguments that these spying operations are necessary to catch terrorist acts wears very thin when you consider the Boston Marathon bombing. In that incident, two Islamic radicals planted terrorist bombs, but they should have been easily caught and stopped if the NSA’s spying efforts were of any use at all. After all, Russian intelligence agencies tipped off the US intelligence agencies about the actual names of these two terrorists and their dangerous intentions. If ever the NSA should have continually watched every move these two Islamic Jihadi brothers made, it was this case. However, these terrorists were not intercepted in their terrorist efforts even though US intelligence agencies knew about them being dangerous in advance of their deeds and had every advantage to monitor and stop their terrorist act.  It kind of makes you wonder if stopping terrorists is really the real purpose of all this NSA spying, doesn’t it?
Just between you, me and the NSA, have a good night’s sleep.