As many readers know from previous blogs, Goldman Sachs is known as the most politically-connected Wall Street bank. Indeed, various media articles have documented that so many Goldman Sachs alumni are now working (or have worked) in key governmental positions that some refer to the Wall Street Bank as “Government Sachs.” Goldman Sachs and the US Federal Reserve Board have been identified in previous blogs as key players in the global corporate-governmental axis called Babylon the Great in Revelation 17-18. This “Babylon the Great” system is prophesied to collapse spectacularly in the latter days, and it almost did in September, 2008.

Given that so many Goldman Sachs alumni work in US government positions, it is surprising that the US Government (via the SEC) has sued Goldman Sachs for corruption. The first and second links below extensively detail the corruption charges against Goldman Sachs, so I do not need to detail them in this blog. What is remarkable is that the SEC finally woke up out of its torpor and actually did something against the barons of Wall Street. Was it not the SEC which went out of its way to do nothing against Bernie Madoff for years even though much evidence was presented to the SEC that Madoff was running a massive ponzi scheme?

The key question is whether the SEC will start aggressively enforcing the law against the politically-connected Wall Street banks which have broken the law with impunity. Or is the SEC merely giving the impression of enforcing the law in order to do something to embellish the SEC’s tarnished reputation while not actually intending to seriously pursue the case? Previous blogs have also documented media links which have revealed that Goldman Sachs helped the nation of Greece deceive other nations about its true debt levels and that it developed market-manipulation software that could be the penultimate insider-trading tool. A person with access to Goldman’s market manipulation software was arrested when trying to leave the USA, but the cited media reports indicated that parts of Goldman’s market-rigging software was sent to Germany and Russia for analysis before the arrest was made. This story was quickly hushed up soon after it broke.

Given that these factors would seem to be far greater sins on the part of Goldman-Sachs, the fact that the SEC sued Goldman for a relatively lower-profile crime argues that the US government is still allowing Goldman Sachs to get away with things for which other banks or investors would be arrested. The third link below also could be construed to indicate that the SEC action may only be a ploy via which it will feign some meaningful enforcement actions. The third link is an Evening News interview by Katie Couric of CBS-News with Janet Tavakoli, an expert derivatives analyst. This interview is truly remarkable and should be seen by all readers of this blog. [The third link’s video story is different that the first link’s video story even though you will see them side-by-side on your computer screen. The first video to view is entitled “US Govt. Sues Goldman Sachs” while the Katie Couric interview is entitled “Did Goldman Commit Fraud?”]

Katie Couric asked very tough questions, and her guest was damning of both Goldman Sachs and the SEC’s lax law enforcement. She stated that she was “shocked…that the SEC waited so long to act,” and that the complaint about alleged fraud by Goldman Sachs “doesn’t go far enough.” She adds that the fraudulent investment activities of Goldman Sachs enabled it to get “very rich, very fast” in a illegal manner. The guest also indicated that “a lot more will be coming” if the SEC is really doing its job, something the guest analyst strongly stated the SEC has not been doing. In a very blunt statement, the guest analyst plainly stated there has been “massive, widespread malfeasance” by Goldman Sachs. Now let’s consider the option that a new era of tough enforcement against corrupt Wall Street banks may be starting.

Given that CBS-News, itself an establishment media outlet, ran a story so intensely critical of Goldman Sachs and which strongly hinted of greater enforcement actions to come against Goldman Sachs, could this SEC action actually be the beginning of serious and real prosecutions against Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banks? If so, then the fall of Babylon the Great, prophesied in Revelation 17-18, may be drawing closer. Supporting this case is a report that the Obama administration is serious about prosecuting the large Wall Street banks, found in the fourth link below. This USA Today article cites President Obama as saying “he would veto any bill that doesn’t adequately crack down on derivatives” as a new bill is now before Congress which would “for the first time regulate derivatives…that contributed to a near economic meltdown in 2008…” Obama declared “that means no more bailouts.” If Obama is serious and his statement isn’t just political theater, the cozy connections between Wall Street and the US government may be showing some real cracks. We’ll just have to wait and see whether the SEC’s action against Goldman Sachs is the real deal or just a public relations ploy.

At some point in the future, there will be so many cracks in the current globalist monetary financial system that is will collapse on a global scale. Revelation 17’s language in verse 16 indicates that when Babylon the Great’s system falls, it may be both bloody and violent (it depends on how figurative or literal the language of this prophecy proves to be). Babylon the Great’s system has been in power over the nations for so long that it will not go down without a major fight. If you have not read my in-depth article on the prophesied future fall of the current global financial system, I urge you to do so. It is called “Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a Global Beast System?” It is available at the articles link of this website.;eveningnews;eveningnews