It has been reported that the US Government has ordered 14,000,000 doses of potassium iodide tablets which are used for protecting people’s thyroid glands against overdoses of radiation exposure (see first link and second link). Why so large a purchase at this time?

These links indicate that the primary reason may be the continuing radiation leakage from the destroyed Japanese Fukushima nuclear reactors. These destroyed reactors spewed an immense amount of radiation into both the Pacific Ocean and the earth’s atmosphere. Obviously, the oceanic and air currents will move this radiation across the Pacific Ocean toward the West Coast of North America.

Large amounts of debris from Japan have already reached the West Coast of North America. There are so many internet links about the large amounts of debris already reaching the US West Coast that I have enclosed the third link referring you to a large number of reports about this debris field and you can select the links you wish to review. Some of the objects that have drifted across the entire Pacific Ocean on to American shores are large and heavy. Obviously, these objects are radioactive to varying degrees. It may be that the US Government is buying a massive number of potassium tablets to prepare to distribute to residents of US Western States when the radiation reaches threatening levels. The last link is from the BBC, which reported that the radiation levels actually being emitted from the leaking Japanese reactors are far higher than were publicly being reported. That would justify such a high purchase of potassium tablets. The first two links also reported that US sailors who were deployed to assist in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster have been afflicted by radiation-sickness symptoms.

In these links, it is reported that the US Government may be buying these tablets simply to replenish its stores of the tablets as they periodically deteriorate and need replacement. I’d love for that to be the real reason, but the BBC report that the radiation levels being leaked from the destroyed Japanese reactors are far higher than publicly reported argues the potassium tablets are being ordered due to the Fukushima radiation danger.

It puzzles me a great deal that the Japanese Government has not yet taken emergency actions to encase the leaking reactors inside a concrete sarcophagus like the old Soviet Union did when their Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded and spewed radiation into the atmosphere. The longer Japan delays an emergency clean-up response to stop the radiation from the destroyed Fukushima reactors from entering the Pacific Ocean and the atmosphere, the greater the damage will be. Since Japan is doing nothing meaningful to encase these destroyed reactors, the radiation will continue to spew in ever-greater amounts into the Pacific Ocean and the air.

Revelation 8:9 prophesies that in the latter days of our age, 1/3rd of all life in the “sea” (oceans) will die. While the context of Revelation 8:8-11 indicates that this might occur due to a meteor or celestial object impacting into the earth’s ocean, it is also possible the prophesied high die-off of life in the oceans may be due to other causes as well (such as the die-off of sea-life due to the Fukushima radiation). Supporting that possibility is the parable in Matthew 25:1-13 that believers will be taken completely by surprise when Jesus Christ returns far earlier than they expect (see also Matthew 24:44). If a large meteor impacted into the ocean, the die-off of oceanic life would be immediately immense and so would be the massive death totals around the world from the tsunamis it would cause. It would be hard for latter-day believers to not imminently be expecting Jesus Christ’s return if such a physical disaster actually occurred. The fact that Matthew 25:1-13 warns that believers will not be expecting Jesus Christ’s return and will be in a state of having no sense of urgency at all when it occurs indicates some of the prophetic fulfillments in the book of Revelation may be of a “stealth” nature. As I’ve noted in previous posts, the Apostle John was told to write down in the book of Revelation what he saw in both the spirit world and the physical world in his vision of the end-times.  It is not always clear in John’s book which events John saw will be visible to human eyes in the latter days and what events would be visible only to those living in the spirit world. There is no question that John saw events that we will not see because our eyes will not see the events happening in the spirit world that only John saw as accompanying prophesied outcomes in the physical world.