In a previous post I reported that China and Japan had announced that they were going to begin making bilateral trade agreements in their own currencies and eliminate the use of the US dollar in these trades. My post noted that this was a significant step toward the eventual prophesied destruction of the current “Babylon the Great” global money system (as Revelation 17-18 call it) now dominated by the US dollar. This trend has been accelerating rapidly and the US public is not being told about this ominous trend as it signals the eventual death knell of the US dollar as the world’s global reserve currency.
The first link and second link report that the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have agreed to begin conducting trade agreements among their four large nations in their own currencies and bypass the use of the US dollar. The third link reports that Germany and China have agreed to begin trading in either the Yuan or Euro, bypassing the US dollar. The fourth link documents that Australia and China are also taking steps to squeeze the US dollar out of their bilateral trade.
The fifth link has a most ominous report in it that China has taken a major step to dethrone the US dollar as the world’s global reserve currency. The global oil markets have long been dominated by US dollar-based trades and this has been known as the petrodollar market. This may soon be a thing of the past. Pastor Lindsey Williams is one of the very few who noted the importance of an announcement made by China on September 6, 2012 which made a direct challenge by China to the US dollar’s dominance of the oil markets. China announced that “our banking system is ready, all of our communications systems are ready, all of the transfer systems are ready, and as of that day, Thursday, Sept. 6, any nation in the world that wishes from this point on to buy, sell or trade crude oil, can do so using the Chinese currency, not the American dollar” (emphasis added).
Do you grasp the importance of this statement? China has openly declared a currency/trade war on the USA in the global oil markets. This should have been the lead story on all the American news media reports. Did any of you readers hear anything about this? I didn’t. It was drawn to my attention by a reader who lives in a foreign nation. I’m afraid that it is now clearly evident that the US dollar is gradually but steadily dying in its role as the global reserve currency as more and more nations agree to bypass the dollar in their global trade agreements. One can hardly blame them. The US government has been debauching the US dollar so badly with trillion dollar deficits each year of the Obama administration that other nations are trying to put distance between themselves and the US dollar to minimize their pain and losses when the dollar loses its status as global reserve currency and is replaced by either a new global currency or a group of regional currencies (which may be backed by gold and other commodities).
Americans are being kept totally in the dark about this development and the deep traumas that it will cause within the USA for citizens when the US dollar is (and perhaps suddenly) rejected by many nations and big inflation hits the USA (perhaps suddenly) when all imported goods (oil, clothes and electronics, etc.) go up in price to reflect the devalued status of the dollar.
These developments are hastening the eventual fulfillment of the Revelation 17-18 prophecy that I have been warning about for years in this blog. The “Babylon the Great” global economic/monetary system that is prophesied to collapse in the latter days can only be the US dollar-based global system which has dominated global financial affairs for decades. Revelation 17:16 states that this Babylon the Great system (also called the “Great Whore” in this prophecy) will not have an easy or soft fall. That verse states that many other nations will overthrow the US dollar-based system with “hate” and will “make her desolate, and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.” That sounds like a “blood-in-the-streets” scenario to me. Wars may be fought before this collapse of the dollar (and the US Federal Reserve Bank—which creates US dollars) is finalized.
If you have not done so, I urge you to read my articles, Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a Global Beast System? and Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times? for more details about this prophesied epochal event and how to make preparations to preserve you and your family as best as possible through this imminent crisis. As I’ve often stated, I make no predictions concerning the time or year that Revelation 17-18 will be fulfilled, but global trends indicate that this event is drawing relentlessly nearer.
I am not the only one that sees the ominous nature of the developments documented in these links. The final link is an in-depth radio interview given by Pastor Lindsey Williams about his expectation that the collapse of the dollar is not only drawing nearer but may, indeed, only be months away. For those pressed for time, you can catch the main points of his interview between minute markers 10-42.
As you read the links and listen to the final audio message, you will come to the inevitable conclusion that the US media and the US government do not want average Americans to realize the danger that faces the USA. That has to be the reason for the almost total “cover-up” of these critically-important global monetary developments that are occurring to the great detriment of the USA and its citizens. Again, these events prove that the Creator God who authored the Bible is bringing his prophesies to pass by guiding world events to unfold according to biblical revelations and prophecies. In Isaiah 41:21-26, God promised he would bring his biblical prophecies to pass in future times and challenged everyone to see his reality and sovereignty in his doing so. It is time the nations repent and ask God for forgiveness and mend our collective ways with his help. That is not likely to happen, but individuals can repent and receive God’s mercy, forgiveness and protection. Matthew 28:18-20 and John 3:16-18 shows that God’s mercy can be accessed by accepting Jesus Christ as one’s savior. Have you done so?