These links below report that several US banks have begun closing bank accounts belonging to Muslims, and they are doing so without warning or explanation. An Islamic group is seeking legal action in response to this action.

This is a bold move by the banks that are cancelling certain Islamic bank accounts with no apparent reason to account holders. One link does explain that banks have a right to cancel accounts if they think the accounts are involved with illegal activities. I certainly don’t know if that is the case with these accounts, but that is one possibility.

In our currently politically correct cultural environment, why would these banks take such action unless they had some kind of unreported legal and political “cover” to protect their actions? Indeed, one possibility is that some arm of the US federal government has issued some kind of National Security Letter instructing US banks to close certain Islamic bank accounts because of suspected money-laundering activities or because of suspected activity in support of terrorist groups such as ISIL/ISIS. One state involved with the closure of Islamic bank accounts is Minnesota, from which some Islamic residents have relocated to the Mideast to fight for ISIL/ISIS, Al Shabab, or other terrorist groups. A major Twin Cities bank, TCF, is cited as one bank involved in these actions. These links (and the added links at the bottom of the stories) offer information which states and banks are taking such action.

The media and those of us in the public can speculate, but we do not know the exact reason for the closure actions taken by some banks vs. Islamic account holders. However, it is occurring, and we can be sure that there is a reason behind these actions. An undisclosed anti-terrorist action seems the most likely explanation.

I do not see any great prophetic implication in this story, but it does give added insights into what is happening behind the scenes. I’ll likely use this Personal blog category to periodically pass on interesting current information on various stories to readers of this blog.