An extremely important matter is being overlooked in all the growing scandals about the NSA meta-mining of personal, private data all over the USA and the world and the other scandals and issues dominating the news. The US army has publicly warned that it is now becoming so small and weakened that it is at “high risk to meet even one major war” (first link). The link warns the “dire assessment” by the US army obviously means that American national security is at risk because of this and it puts the USA’s national security at risk. 
The US army’s personnel and equipment has been exhausted by two major wars in Iraq and Kuwait and the incredibly long war in Afghanistan. Military morale under President Obama is now so low that suicides now outnumber deaths among the military from enemy action (second link). The current plans of Obama and Congress indicate that they are intending to ignore the army’s needs. 
The article notes that the army warns that “war is likely to  break out again.” That is a certainty. Matthew 24:6 warns that “wars and rumors of wars” will characterize the entire prophetic period called the “latter days” in biblical prophecy. [See my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? for more in-depth information proving the Bible is quite accurate in its prophecies about our modern time.] Indeed, at the very climax of our latter-day period, Ezekiel 38-39 warn that the greatest world war in human history will occur. It will be so violent and dangerous that “no flesh would be saved” unless Jesus Christ returned as the promised Messiah to save the human race from extinction (Matthew 24:21-22). If you have not done so, please read my article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III. There really is a Creator God and his prophecies warn that sinful mankind will not be able to avert this war. The USA will need a very powerful and well-equipped army. 
The first link shows that US national security is being jeopardized by foolish decisions made in the White House and Congress regarding military programs, personnel and equipment. America’s national power is eroding quickly, but the American citizens are not generally aware of it. 
We desperately need some capable adults in the White House and Congress instead of public leaders acting like stubborn, spoiled, self-indulgent brats in a daycare center. America’s current situation reminds me of Isaiah 3’s commentary about a similar lack of capable leadership in the ancient kingdom of Judah before it self-destructed. The wording “In that day…” in verse 7 generally is understood as a reference to the latter days or the “day of the Lord” as it is also called in many biblical prophecies. This indicates that the same conditions will re-occur in the latter-day nations of the house of Israel (or “Jacob” as Israel was first named) in Isaiah 2:5. Isaiah 1-4 are a good read for those who wish to see God’s scathing denunciation of the leaders and people of an ancient sinful Israelite nation as well as the modern nations of both Israel and Judah. 
I urge you to contact your Senators and Congressional representative to give some priority to rebuilding America’s military strength. National security is the Number One priority for all American presidents and Congresses. This priority is being neglected, according to the first link. I do think it presents an accurate assessment of the mess that has been made by recent presidents and congresses.