The US army may soon have a laser weapon that will perform the same function as the Israeli Iron Dome air defense system. This state-of-the-art laser air defense system, developed by Boeing, successfully acquired and “engaged” (does that mean “destroyed?”) 150 aerial targets including mortars, UAVs and perhaps other unspecified targets. The test was done under adverse weather conditions to ensure that the air defense system has an all-weather capacity.

The Israelis, as many know, have the Iron Dome air defense system which uses kinetic interceptors to destroy incoming aerial rockets, missiles, mortars, etc. The Iron Dome system was used very successfully in the recent war that was fought between Israel and Hamas. The advantage of the Iron Dome system is that it is already deployed and can be used now. It is not clear how long it will take to deploy and mass-produce the USA’s new laser air defense system, which will never run out of kinetic “ammo.” The link also reports that the air defense system was used under “maritime conditions.” That means in conditions found at sea. That phrase indicates to me that this laser-defense system is also being developed for use on US naval ships in real maritime, air-defense situations in the future. The link includes a photo of the laser air-defense system test-bed vehicle. Mounted on an armored vehicle, the laser-defense system will be very mobile on a battlefield.

I have an interest in the development of the new weaponry that will be used in the final Gog-Magog World War III that is prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 to occur at the very end of the latter days before the return of Jesus Christ. I see the Ezekiel 38-39 prophetic account as depicting the same latter-day world war that is described in Revelation 16:12-21. Both accounts describe a global war at the end of the latter days, Divine intervention and the parallel phrase “It is done” in Ezekiel 39:8 and Revelation 16:17. The similarities between the Ezekiel 38-39 and Revelation 16 prophetic accounts are included in my article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III. Revelation 13:1-4 contains a prophecy about the unveiling of the final “beast” system that will reign for 42 months at the end of this age before being obliterated by Jesus Christ’s heavenly army (Revelation 19:11-20:4). Revelation 13:4 includes the fact that the world will marvel at the beast system when it is initially unveiled and will say to themselves: “Who is able to make war with him?” To me, this indicates that the beast system will awe and intimidate the world by unveiling a variety of new weapons technologies that are fully operational and vastly superior to regular armaments.

Let’s answer the question in Revelation 13:4 which asks “Who is able to make war with him? [the beast leader and his system]. The Two Witnesses, prophesied to oppose the beast system for 3 and 1/2 years (about 42 months) will have Divinely-delegated power which will be vastly superior to any weaponry the beast will wield, and Revelation 11:5-6 prophesy that anyone who attacks the Two Witnesses will die. No human weaponry will succeed in harming them…until the end of their prophesied ministry at which time the Two Witnesses will be slain by the beast system but will be resurrected 3 and 1/2 days later (Revelation 11:7-14). Also, the beast’s high-tech weaponry will be entirely useless against the Divinely-led angelic army that will accompany Jesus Christ to the earth when he returns. To learn more about the Two Witnesses (they are described elsewhere in the Bible besides the book of Revelation), please read my article, The Two Witnesses.

My thanks to a reader who alerted me to this link.