The Washington Times did a story about the US Army’s efforts to visualize what types of exotic weaponry will be used in the future. Some of the threats likely to develop are “Electromagnetic pulse guns, genetically designed killer diseases and swarms of miniature self-guided missiles.” The Army study concluded that “It is only a matter of time before there is a significant high-tech surprise awaiting US military forces.”

There have long been electromagnetic pulse bombs available to major nations, but it is predicted that they will be miniaturized to be deliverable via mortars and artillery rounds. Think about the possibilities for such a weapon. If terrorists got hold of such weapons (or a nation state used its own forces to attack an enemy but made it look like “terrorists” had done it), these could take down a society easily. If enough rounds of EMP mortar rounds were fired into electrical plants, oil refineries, sensitive urban areas like the US Capitol region or Wall Street, electricity could be shut down instantly to these facilities. If enough electrical-generating or transmission facilities were shut down simultaneously in such an attack, it could bring down an entire electrical grid.

The article also cites “emerging biological technology” and “nanotechnology” weaponry. That sounds a lot like an a series of blogs I’ve written on the threats posed by Chinese nanotechnology weapons. The Chinese could well be seeking an “ultimate weapon” which could be used against all nations. That blog of mine is included as the second link below. My blogs about Chinese nanotechnology weapons are apparently popular on the internet. The third link indicates that if you seek “Chinese nanotechnology weapons” at Google’s search engine, my blogs and writings on this topic are grouped at the top of Google’s search engine choices. I think lots of nations are worried about China’s plans concerning the development of nanotechnology weaponry. The second link below describes just how diabolical those plans might be.