Steven Collins
August 6, 2007
Recently, I posted a blog on the massive “die-off” of life in the seas documented in the cover article of the April, 2007 issue of National Geographic magazine. A massive die-off of life in the seas was prophesied in Revelation 8:9 to occur during the climactic “latter days” of this age. A full discussion of the signs that we are living in the latter days of our age can be found in my article “Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?” available elsewhere at this website.
Another confirmation that massive die-offs of oceanic life are occurring was found in a July 29, 2007 story (“Oxygen-Poor ‘Dead Zone’ in Gulf of Mexico Is Third Biggest Ever”) at The article stated that the dead zone off the coasts of Louisiana and Texas would cover approximately 7,900 square miles. The dead zones result from excess nitrogen draining into the oceans from the Mississippi River. The nitrogen comes from “fertilizer, erosion and sewage.” Due to  lack of oceanic oxygen, almost nothing can live in these zones.
A story on this subject in the August 6, 2007 issue of TIME magazine was even more pessimistic. It stated (on p. 16) that: “This summer’s ‘dead zone’ is projected to be the biggest ever,” and it estimates the dead zone off the Louisiana and Texas coasts will grow to 8,543 square miles. For the sake of comparison, this dead zone is larger than the state of Massachusetts. 
Revelation 8:9 predicted that one-third of all sea-life would perish in the latter days. The National Geographic article cited above documented that a global die-off of life in the seas has already happened due to commercial overfishing. Indeed, based on its statistics, oceanic sea-life levels may already be reduced by one-third. The oceanic “dead zones” result from mankind’s own pollutants draining into the oceans. The prophecy is being fulfilled in more than one way. But hardly anyone notices that this biblical prophecy about the latter days may already have been fulfilled.,3566,291283,00.html