Long-time readers of this blog are aware that I’ve done previous blogs on the subject of “invisibility” or “cloaking” technologies which are being developed (mostly in secret) around the world in hush-hush laboratories. The first link below was sent to me recently and it is a story that I commented on previously, but it is so important a subject that I want to let new readers of this blog know about it.

The link below details the demonstrated ability of the British military to essentially render an advancing tank invisible to observers. They did this over two years ago, so you know the technology has advanced considerably since that was done.  Indeed, the report below cites the use of an old “invisibility” technology which was primitive compared to what is being done now. It cites the use of a technology based on “cameras and projectors.”

My previous blogs on this subject are included below as the second and third links. These links cite articles in scientific publications that the more advanced “invisibility” technologies are based on actually bending light waves around objects to render them invisible to observers. If you have not read these blogs before, I highly recommend them to you as they detail how invisibility technologies could be used to fulfill specific biblical prophecies about the latter days in the years ahead of us.

One thing is, I believe, certain. That actual level of development and deployment of this technology is far beyond what is admitted publicly. The military value of this technology can hardly be overstated. If you can render weapons platforms or soldiers “invisible” to human eyes, you can gain immense advantages over your enemies and this technology can be a “force multiplier” to make your own forces far more effective than their mere numbers would ordinarily allow. It does seem, based on what has been published, that the USA and the western nations of NATO are more advanced in invisibility technologies than the Gog-Magog nations of the eastern bloc. The articles about the more advanced invisibility technology reveal that one element is particularly essential to deploying invisibility technologies. That element is silver. Nations which are buying up silver could either be using that precious metal (A) to develop invisibility cloaks for special weapons systems, (B) deny the metal to the nations which know how to use silver to deploy invisibility technology or (C) both of the above. If silver is the key element needed to render weapons, people, etc. “invisible,” then silver is valuable beyond any words to describe it.

The biblical implications are really staggering. As the second and third links below examine in detail, invisibility technologies could easily be used to fake “miracles,” angelic visitations, and even the second coming of Jesus Christ. Gullible people ungrounded in the Bible’s prophecies could easily be duped by supposed miracles where a being is “summoned up” by a false political or religious leader in future years. The being summoned up may be none other than a human being who is becoming “visible” and “invisible” via the use of the cloaking technologies now being invented and refined. II Thessalonians 2:9 prophecies that while some “miracles” will be done in the end times by evil leaders via the “working of Satan,” other supposed miracles or signs will be “lying wonders.” In other words, they are not really the wonders they purport to be. They will be high-tech tricks which the masses will swallow as true miracles. I really urge everyone to read the second and third links below to be sure you are grounded in the scriptures about what could happen in the future. Matthew 24:24 warns that “great signs” will be demonstrated in the latter days which will be so incredible that “if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” If you take to heart the information in the second and third links below, you will be inoculated against being deceived by some of the “great signs” which Jesus Christ said would deceive the masses at the end of this age.