Steven Collins
July 15, 2008
One of the earliest postings at this blog addressed the fact that Communist China is developing a new type of WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) based on applying nanotechnology to military usages. The world press is almost silent on this new field of WMD. Attached are two links written by Lev Navrozov which discuss this subject. The first link (from the archive) states that China has invested many years and billions of dollars pursuing a project called “Program 863” (because it was authorized in March, 1986). China’s Program 863 is designed to develop “advanced technologies for defensive and offensive warfare.”
China’s Program 863 is bearing fruit. China surprised the world when it successfully tested an anti-satellite weapon which demonstrated that it could shoot down American/western satellites. It is also deploying many new classes of advanced naval vessels and cruise missiles. The first link also mentions that while Program 863 was cited in the western press as a Chinese program to develop genetically-modified crops, the western media has barely mentioned that it is also devoted to “military genetic engineering.” One New York Times story in October, 2000 discussed the “possible nano-annihilation of the west” by China, but the subject has been “spiked” since then in the mainstream press.
The second link is also by Lev Navrozov, and it is from today’s homepage of the Mr. Navrozov again tries to warn the western world about the dangers of China’s efforts to develop non-nuclear weapons of mass destruction. He again warns that the Chinese government “has been sinking billons into nano-weapons research since the 1980s.
How might a nano-technology weapon work against a large population? I think we now have an answer albeit from an unlikely source.
The May 21, 2008 issue of USA Today ran a very short, one-paragraph story on page 7D entitled “Nanotubes may behave like asbestos.” It noted that tiny “nanotubes” of carbon “could mimic the toxic qualities of asbestos.” The short item added that this danger “renew[ed] questions about how the sub-microscopic-sized pipes of graphite can be used safely.” The original source of the study was cited as a journal called Nature Nanotechnology, for those readers who wish to study this subject in greater depth. Apparently, this use of nano-technology is so dangerous that the question needs to be asked how it can be used safely!
I think we have all seen documentaries about how asbestos has caused lung diseases which lead to severe difficulties in breathing and can cause a slow, painful, debilitating death. Such diseases and deaths have resulted from the peacetime applications of asbestos which were not designed to cause harm. If asbestos can cause painful debilitation and death by accident, how could it be weaponized to inflict such symptoms on a mass population? That may be one of the subjects of China’s Program 863. I’m sure China’s war-planners working on nano-weapons read such publications as Nature Nanotechnology, and that they are well aware that carbon nano-tubes can “mimic” the damage caused by asbestos. they have likely advanced far beyond that stage of awareness.
A prophecy in Revelation 9 hints at the usage of a strange new weapon which will “torment men” for a period of “five months,” but this same weapon will not harm any green vegetation. Verses 4-6 foretells that this odd weapon will so torment mankind that “they will seek death and shall not find it” as it will cause stinging pain likened to a scorpion’s bite. This weapon which will torment humans will not do any harm to “the grass…any green thing neither to any tree.” This is understandable given modern genetics. This weapon is bioengineered to incapacitate humans while doing no harm to vegetation and crops (sources of food). Revelation 6:5-6 prophesies the latter days will include severe food shortages, so any attacker in a time of food shortages would want to develop a weapon which incapacitates (or kills) the targeted population while doing no harm to its grain and tree crops.
The delivery vehicles for this strange but prophesied new WMD will be aerial vehicles which the apostle John likened to locusts (which fly in the air). He saw these aerial vehicles in a vision, and he had no choice but to describe them with the low-tech vocabulary of his time. In verses 7-10 he states the aerial vehicles had  “iron breastplates” so they have to be metal-plated objects (like the fuselages of aircraft). Their “wings” made very loud noises, and they could sting like scorpions (dropping ordinance or bombs?). The loud noise is generated by the engines which are located on or within the wings of aircraft. He said they had “crowns like gold and their faces were as the faces of men.” In a modern jet fighter, you can just see the “faces of men” in cockpits, and those cockpits could have a color where reflected sunlight could give them a golden hue to a viewer. Since a “crown” is at the top-most portion of a body or object, the “faces of men” have to be seen in those “crowns” at the top of these armored aerial vehicles. In other words, John was seeing modern jet fighters and bombers in a vision and he was struggling to find words to describe them. He also said they had “hair as the hair of women.”  When one sees World War II documentaries of large bomber formations attacking enemy targets in Europe, these formations left long parallel contrails which could be likened to the “hair of women.”
When the Gog-Magog attack, prophesied in Ezekiel 38, occurs, it would be logical for the attackers (Russia, China and Iran) to deploy a superweapon which will cause not only debilitating pain in the targeted population so they cannot resist an attack but also will not harm the food crops so the attackers can use the crops for themselves after the targeted population is slain by the invaders. These kinds of weapons can only be developed in a time when there is advanced biogenetic research which has been weaponized via advanced technology. China is a world leader in bioengineering and they are reportedly spending billions on bioengineered weapons such as nano-weapons. Attacking Russian and Chinese bombers (perhaps disguised as cargo planes or commercial airliners) could drop nano-technology “bombs” across the nations of the western world to disable the human population of the western nations in the opening act of the Gog-Magog war prophesied in Ezekiel 38 to be the real “war to end all wars.” Such nano-bombs could be designed to simply disperse their contents at a high altitude so the invisible nano-weaponry would be carried all across a target (North America for instance) by the prevailing winds and slowly damage the ability of the targeted population to breath (if designed to attack the lungs, as per the USA Today article).
The apostle Paul prophesied the latter days would be “perilous times” (II Timothy 3:1). The average American, who lives in a commercial and entertainment fog, has no idea how “perilous” the future will actually become. The USA and the western nations also have non-nuclear, secret weapons that will be used against Russia, China and Iran when the Ezekiel 38-39 attack occurs. In Matthew 24:21-22, Jesus Christ himself prophesied the peril would become so great that “no flesh” (on either side!) would be left alive unless he returned to intervene to stop the fighting and heal the earth.
On cable-TV, there have been numerous documentaries on the very vague prophecies of Nostradamus. However, the Bible has very specific prophecies which are now coming to pass (or are able to occur literally) in our modern high-tech world. In spite of the striking accuracy of Bible prophecy, the world largely ignores the Bible. If you are one who has “ears to hear,” you can know a great deal about the course of future world events. The prophesied events of the Bible are going to occur in our future whether the world is ready for them or not. It appears that we are entering the time of the end prophesied in the Bible. The good news is that Jesus Christ will return and save the world from itself in his role as the “conquering Messiah” (Zechariah 14, Revelation  19:11-21). I hope you are physically and spiritually ready for what is coming.