if you have a look at the news reports on yahoo, you will see a few mins about china and their army including their new weapons, you will also have heard today that russia backed out what many nations in the west hoped russia would do, that is slap sanctions on Iran. This hope came about 2 days back when Russia said they were also going to slap sanctions on iran, but then backed out, and then both allied (russia and china)said they will not slap the sanctions on Iran.

Dear Dean,
Thanks for sending me this video news clip on the Chinese military build-up. It is a good one, and I’ll post it at my website so other viewers can see it as well. It is the kind of report that all American media should be airing, but few are doing so. One can expect that both Russia and China will remain duplicitous about their real military/political intentions. Ezekiel 38 reveals their military build-ups will eventually result in a surprise attack upon the modern nations of the “house of Israel” (the USA, NATO, and their allies).