The World Tribune just reported that the United Arab Emirates has just been caught red-handed smuggling weapons to China. An airplane from the UAE Air Force was refueling in India when Indian authorities inspected the airplane and found the smuggled weaponry. The fact that a UAE military flight was secretly smuggling weapons to China confirms that the UAE is acting as an ally of China and double-crossing the West (and the Sunni Arab nations). One wonders how many other weapons have previously been smuggled into China by UAE flights?

The UAE is also known to be an ally of Pakistan, a nation that has a large anti-western population, has part of its territory run by the Taliban and is in danger of sliding into the control of radical Islamicists. The fact that Indian authorities boarded and inspected a military aircraft from the UAE indicates that India had received a very reliable tip from a western intelligence service that smuggled arms were aboard the aircraft. India has been more aligned with the USA, the Israelis and the West as it has become increasingly threatened by China and China’s alliance with Pakistan. This action by the UAE should set off alarm bells in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait and all the Sunni Arab nations. This “smoking gun” evidence that the UAE is secretly helping China also means that the UAE is slipping toward an alliance with Iran, because China is one of Iran’s weapons and technology suppliers.

All western nations will now know that the UAE is an unreliable partner in all weapons transactions. Any weapons technology that has been sold to or shared with the UAE can now be assumed to have been secretly shared with China. Since the UAE is now cozy with China, one also needs to wonder if Iranian agents and missiles have been smuggled into the UAE to use against western shipping in the event of a war in the Persian Gulf. US and allied warships must be warned that Iranian missiles may be fired at them not only from Iran, but also from the territory of the UAE if a conflict breaks out. In the event of a war in the Persian Gulf, US naval ships will logically cling close to the southern coast of the Persian Gulf (where the UAE is located). The US naval ships better carefully “watch their backs” for cruise missiles or other weaponry fired at them from Iranian agents inside the UAE. Even the foreign policy newbies in the Obama ought to be able to grasp this obvious danger to the nation and to the Obama administration. If US naval vessels are sunk in a Mideast war on Obama’s watch, the Obama administration will receive a political wound from which it may not recover. The world is becoming a much more dangerous and unpredictable place. For its own good, the Obama administration better quickly rediscover who America’s real friends and allies are in the world!