Once in a while a link is so self-explanatory that little discussion is needed. In the current confrontation between Russia and the Ukraine, it was announced recently that the interim Ukrainian government was calling up the Ukrainian reserves. This link shows the state of readiness of hundreds of Ukrainian tanks that are intended for its ground forces to use. This tank depot is located a mere 20 miles from the Russian border according to the link, so the Ukrainian tanks would be easy for Russia to destroy or seize. The question is, as you will see after viewing the photos in the link, is “Why would Russia bother?” I think these photos say a lot about why Russia is so bold vs. the Ukraine in the Crimea.

I’d like to ask a serious question: How many tank depots in western Europe and the USA look like the photos in the link below? It is noteworthy that the Russian bear decided to growl about the time President Obama announced his disarmament plans for the US military. Russia’s bellicose behavior, combined with the rapid military build-up by China makes Obama’s disarmament plans for the US military look bizarre as well as foolhardy. I urge American readers to contact their Senators and Congressional representatives to oppose Obama’s disarmament plans. It is possible that a few people in Congress are alert enough to care.

My thanks to a friend who tipped me off to this item.